Monday, 10 July 2017

A Selection Of Summer Drinks Perfect For Any Occasion

Not sure what to serve at a summer barbeque or to drink while watching Wimbledon? This selection of alcoholic and virgin summer drinks are great ideas!

1. Punch

Punch is a natural choice for a summer party, as it looks delightful, tastes refreshing, and can be prepared in advance. Choose rum for a taste of the tropics, sangria for a flavour of Spain (you can even make a version with white wine) - or use whatever you have in the house. Make the punch less potent by adding ice cubes or watering it down with sparkling water. Non-alcoholic versions can also be made, with fruit juices, ginger ale, slices of fruit - it's a great way of using up a glut of summer fruit like strawberries or raspberries. Do be careful to label which is which though, so that people don't drink alcohol by mistake. You should also make sure that the drinks are supervised at all times so that anyone who is underage doesn't help themselves.

2. Champagne cocktails

Champagne is a refreshing celebratory drink but also makes interesting cocktails. that will impress your guests. You won't need to stock up on lots of different spirits; some use spirits like vodka, that you may already have lying around. Other recipes use fruit, which will add a pleasant flavour to the cocktails, as well as mitigating the effect of the alcohol! Champagne doesn't need to be expensive, especially when you're using it for cocktails, but if you want to use a quality brand you can save money by searching for champagne offers. Find the right offer, and you can pick up a case of champagne at a substantial discount - it's a good way to cater for a party or event while keeping the budget reasonable.

3. Cordials

Some of your guests will most likely not be drinking, perhaps because they are driving or because they simply don't care for alcohol. It's also sensible to avoid drinking too much alcohol in hot weather, as it will dehydrate you. Cordials are a delightful way to enjoy summer flavours, the classic one being elderflower; homemade ones will be the tastiest. Add wine or champagne to make an alcoholic version.

4. Iced Tea

Another delicious and refreshing drink in the summer is iced tea. There's a reason it's so popular in the southern US! With the vast range of herbal teas now on offer, there are almost infinite possibilities for iced tea; herbal teas are also excellent if you prefer to avoid caffeine. As with many non-alcoholic drinks, you can make an alcoholic version - though guests should be cautious about overdoing it, as it's easy to knock back such drinks simply because they are so refreshing.

5. Lassi

This yoghurt-based drink will also keep your guests cool. It is popular in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, all very hot regions. Lassi can be made in sweet or savoury versions. Mango is perhaps the best-known flavour, which you'll often find in Indian restaurants, but you can also make it with rosewater, strawberries, papaya, spices … why not experiment to see what you can invent?

Let me know your favourite summer drinks.

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  1. Love these ideas! I dont tend to drink alcohol anymore but I love a cordial or my personal favourite is cloudy lemonade!

  2. In all honesty I love all these kind of drinks. I am so glad that you included lassi though because it is delicious! x

  3. I love the sound of all of these, especially the champagne cocktails. They all sound really refreshing and great for summer.

    1. Champagne cocktails are lovely aren't they? I love a good Bellini or Kir Royal

  4. Oh I haven't had iced tea in so long! I think I might have to start looking in to making some. It's always so refreshing!

  5. Champagne cocktails all the way or at least I can dream x

  6. I love Pimms in the summer! Lassi sounds delicious though. Kaz x

  7. I love a summery cocktail - my favourite has to be a strawberry daiquiri, but only when the bartender makes it without lime, as I'm intolerant! Stephanie xx

    1. Have you tried a frozen strawberry daiquiri? Very refreshing!

  8. I loooove Summer and I love it when it's time to get out the BBQ and create some yummy Summer drinks!
    The champagne cocktails sound delicious :)

    Dani x


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