Tips On Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring

Getting engaged is one of the most magical things you can do. It is a marker of personal success, that you have found someone with which you are excited and enthralled to spend the rest of your natural life. It is a celebration like no other, and a commitment like no other – so, naturally, it requires a ring like no other.

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Choosing an engagement ring can be an extremely stressful task, whoever you are. There are many variables at play, not in the least of which being the ever-present question “will they like it?” With the average engagement ring costing up to £2100, it is a decision not to be made lightly. So, what should you consider before diving in with a purchase?

Start With The Shape

Naturally, the first point of order in relation to engagement ring chatter is the stone. The stone is the focal point, around which everything else is designed – whether the band or the ornamentations that hold said stone in place. Whatever the stone, start by thinking about the shape. Are you aiming for a round, pearl shape? A tear-drop shape? Or even a classic princess cut, arguably the most popular shape and the one that defines most diamond rings.

Shape is also somewhat dictated by the essential qualities of each mineral – namely, the ‘cleavage’. This describes the way in which minerals shear, which can conversely cause issues when it comes to shaping and polishing.

Carats, Shine And Budget

Your next concern will relate to the qualities your gemstone should possess. How many carats should it be, and how much ‘sparkle’ can you possibly fit into one ring? Carat is essentially a measurement of weight, equivalent to 0.2g. The more carats a gem has, the heavier it is. There are separate measurement methodologies for brilliance, but really – the shinier the better, right?

Here, though, budget becomes a key sticking point. Your perfect engagement ring might be a 24-carat diamond with gold band, and might cost more than your car but you may have to compromise. Engagement rings are not hard to come by, though, and with a basic idea of your ideal shape and size, you can find a gem that suits your loved one down to the ground.

Something for Someone You Love

In amongst all the jewellery jargon, and with the pressure of a thousand romance comedies bearing down on you, it can be easy to forget exactly why you’re picking out an engagement ring. You’re doing so in hopes of spending the rest of your life with someone you love; someone with whom you might share anything and everything, from taste in music to future ambitions.

All of this to say, your choice of ring needn’t necessarily boast the perfect weight and sparkle, nor need it cost the earth. Indeed, your intuition might be your best friend, think about what she likes and her style and you might just find the perfect ring that speaks to the both of you.

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