A Useful Guide To Child Friendly Window Coverings

When you have a child your whole world changes. You want to keep your precious child safe and secure and would do anything for them. When it comes to keeping them safe there are a few things you need to do, like buying a baby seat if you drive, using baby sunblock and keeping them out of the sun and childproofing your home.

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When it comes to childproofing your home there are certain points to take into consideration. There are a number of dangers in your home you may not even think about and one of them is your window blinds and curtains. Tragically children have been harmed and even died over the years being caught in blind and curtain cords and there is also the danger of glass becoming shattered and broken. So let's look at some of the child-friendly window coverings out there and what you can do to make any window coverings you have safe for kids.

What Type Of Window Coverings Are There?

There are several types of window coverings including blinds, shades, curtains and drapes, shutters and window film. Each has its benefits and disadvantages as a window covering and also can pose different risks to children.

Which Type Of Window Coverings Are Child Friendly?

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There are several types of window coverings that are considered child-friendly. The main thing is to be careful of any with cords and strings. I will look at ways to make these safer at the end of the post. Let's first look at the different types that are child friendly.

Cordless blinds and shades are types of window coverings that have no cords or strings that can pose a choking or strangling hazard for children. This is an easy way of ensuring your window covering is safe.

Another alternative is roller shades or blinds. These shades can be operated with a simple pull, making them easy for kids to use. These are operated by using a wheel, a motor operated by a remote control or sweat. They do not use cords or chains so there is a hugely reduced chance of strangulation

Cellular Shades or blinds are made of a soft, honeycomb-shaped fabric that doesn't have any cords or strings. A great child-friendly choice.

Window shutters again do not have cords or strings and are an aesthetically pleasing window covering, fitted to the window frame. DIY Shutters are an affordable option too that you can install yourself.

If you are thinking of curtains and drapes, make sure they are fitted properly so they don't pose a strangulation hazard. Loose curtain cords need to be fitted out of the way of young children. A tidy tensioner should be fitted firmly and permanently held tight.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

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It can be a good idea to apply window film too. This is an easy-to-install item that will help prevent shattered glass from hurting a child if they throw anything at the window. It is a great idea for peace of mind.

It's always recommended to take proper safety precautions when selecting window coverings for homes with young children. When buying a window covering ask the seller for any advice on fitting safely or ask them for a demo. Always read the instructions for safe fitting. A useful article is this piece of advice on how to check your blinds and cords are safe in your home.


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