Best Built Playgrounds

Nurseries are a fantastic setting for young children to learn and flourish in their social skills. A place many parents rely on, not only for work but to help their children experience things they maybe can't at home.


Most nurseries have a playground or outdoor setting, somewhere safe for children to play and explore. This is something most children love, a break from the indoor structure setting and a chance to get some air and run with friends.

What makes a playground?

Depending on what kind of nursery setting you have or have chosen for your child, most would agree a fun outdoor space for your child to run off energy is a must.

Whether it is a big open space with lots of outdoor toys or a jungle gym to climb and explore. There are so many different options.

Children learn by repetition when they are young; nurseries and kinder gardens are designed to suit their needs. Learning to run, jump and climb are skills that young children can use in later life. Playgrounds give this freedom in a safe environment where they have the space to learn.

How do we build a playground?

Playgrounds can be personalised to your own needs and ideas; finding the right surfaces and equipment for you could not be easier when you find a company that prides itself on making the best equipment for you.

Whether you choose wooden frames, metal frames, or a mix of the two, simple slides and frames or something a little more adventurous, climbing walls and built-in trampolines.

Children need space to grow and learn. Young children learn by playing. Building a play area where they can learn and build so many new skills would be a fantastic addition to any nursery or care setting.

How do we find someone for the job?

When looking for playground installers, the best thing you can do is look into a company's online portfolio and see if what they have done in the past fits your aesthetic. Even if they do not, you can always contact them to see if what you picture can be made a reality.

Recommendations will always be a fantastic place to start. If someone recommends a company that they loved, you know you will be getting the best work possible.

How much does it cost?

Will playground installers cost more than if I just bought some swings and games? They will, but you will also know that the work you have carried out is safe, to standard, and fit for use. The cheapest option is rarely the best choice.

Most companies, during an initial consultation, will discuss your budget and show you what they can do within your budget. A good company will help you make your budget work for you rather than give you a price and leave you to figure out the rest.

If you are starting from nothing and want the best playground for your nursery's children, it will always be a good idea to speak to a company that can do it all.

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