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I've always been interested in art and culture and when I travel I enjoy visiting art galleries and museums. Some of my favourite art galleries are the Tate Modern in London and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and some of my favourite artists are Klimt and Van Gough.

Why You Should Appreciate Art

woodland painting

Rustic Woodland By Jan Rogers £285

I am by no means an art expert, I never studied art in school even but I think appreciating art is important for many reasons. Art can cause a real emotional reaction, from inspiration to love to sadness and happiness. It often has cultural and historical significance as we can learn about the world around us through art. Art can also be thought-provoking and make us reevaluate what we originally thought.

Appreciating art in galleries is a fabulous activity however it is always nice to own some art yourself. Art however can be very expensive to buy. If you are an unknown artist art is priced on the size of the artwork, materials used, and how long it takes to produce, however, if you are a well-known artist then sales history, exhibition history and demand is taken into consideration. 

You can buy art at auction and you can buy original art online from a site such as Wychwood Art. 

About Wychwood Art 

hound painting
Foxhound - Oil Painting By Kate Knott £470

Wychwood Art sells limited edition prints and original paintings online and from their gallery in the Cotswolds. Wychwood Art also exhibits at the Affordable Art Exhibition in Battersea each year. They sell the art of over 350 contemporary artists, from the quirky art of Kate Boxer to the landscape art of Andrea Allen.

Deborah Allan the director of Wychwood Art, hand curates the artwork and she has a great eye and expert knowledge from working at Christie's and Bonham's auction house in the modern art area. She knows what appeals to people about art and why people buy art in modern times. This makes the art available at Wychwood Art unique and special as well as affordable. 

My Favourite Pieces From Wychwood Art

Tenby harbour painting

The Tenby Experience 4 - Limited Edition Print By Anya Simmonds £25

This print by Anya Simmonds takes me back to my many visits to Tenby in West Wales. It's so delightful, and Anya has captured the coloured buildings perfectly! I have been visiting Tenby every year since I was a child.  When I was young my parents used to go camping in Penally close by and I can remember my dad cooking bacon on the little camping stove. I still visit now and love my stays here and that is why this print is so close to my heart. It's a bargain price too.

Spring meadow painting

Glorious Rainbow Meadow - Acrylic On Canvas By Lucy Moore £330

There is something I love about this work of art by Lucy Moore. It reminds me of a beautiful spring day in the countryside. The colours are bright but the painting has a calming effect, and I can also almost smell the grass and the flowers that took me back to my childhood days. I think this artwork would light up any room.

sea painting

Spilling Waves - Oil On Canvas By Helen Howells £995

This painting by Helen Howells in oils is different to the other paintings above. It has a motion and freeness about it and I love the way the artist has applied the oils to get this effect, you can almost hear the water rolling in. It has a moodiness about it too.  I live near the sea in South Wales and Helen does too so it's nice to champion a local artist. 


As you can see they have art to suit all budgets at Wychwood Art. Appreciating art can enrich our lives in many ways, and I recommend you check out the Wychwood Art website for affordable art that won't break the bank. Let me know, do you have a favourite artist? What do you think of my choices above? 


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