6 Simple Style Tips Every Woman Must Know

For many women, looking stylish while feeling fabulous can be challenging. If you're struggling to develop your own sense of style, here are six tips to help you revolutionise not only your wardrobe and your styling skills but also how you carry yourself daily.

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Develop a positive mindset

Dressing well requires hard work, patience, and plenty of practice. Even with numerous helpful resources and fashion advice, the whole endeavour can be highly overwhelming. Be gentle with yourself and change your mindset. Go out of your comfort zone, and be confident with your choices.

Declutter your wardrobe

One essential thing you must do right away is to clean up your closet. Identify the items you want to keep and organise them accordingly. Choose clothing that makes you feel good and those that you actually wear. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can sell or donate the remaining pieces. Decluttering your wardrobe can help you determine the fashion style that you're most comfortable with and gravitate to.

Embrace your shape

When cleaning up your closet, only keep clothing that fits you well. No matter how trendy oversized pieces are, they can be unflattering and uncomfortable. Select designs that best highlight your figure. Remember that your clothes need to complement your body shape, not the other way around. Work with a great tailor who can accommodate your clothing needs and get the job done efficiently. Wearing garments that fit you perfectly will make you look put together and increase your confidence.

Know your colours

Aside from choosing clothes that suit your figure, you must also purchase pieces that work well with your skin tone. Know your skin tone and purchase clothing with the most flattering colours. If you have warm undertones, invest in pieces in shades of olive, yellow, brown, gold, and orange. For individuals with cool skin tones, wear garments in lavender, deep purple, emerald, bright blues, and pink.

Invest in classic pieces

One common styling mistake of many women, especially younger ones, is buying every on trend outfit they come across. Fashion trends come and go, so investing in classic apparel that can last for a long time is essential. You don't need to buy original pieces from big fashion brands, but they must be made from high-quality and sustainable materials. Choose versatile clothing with simple designs and clean lines. Find pieces you can wear on various occasions, and make sure to purchase from a reliable brand such as Dainty Jewells, as they offer unique and timeless pieces for women of all ages.

Wear accessories

Accessories play an essential role in completing your look, so make it a point to invest in premium ones. Whether it's a flashy scarf, a stylish belt, layers of necklaces, or a simple hat, wearing accessories can improve your look instantly.

Being able to look good every day takes constant practice. Take note of these styling tips, and remember to enjoy the entire process.

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