5 Tips For Looking Airbrushed Without That Instagram Filter

Instagram filters are amazing at making us look gorgeous, with perfect makeup and unreal skin. Unreal because well, it simply is not real. But don’t worry - you won’t be needing that Instagram filter to make you look airbrushed anymore!

What even is an ‘airbrushed look’ you may ask?


Although some people may point towards the airbrush machine, this isn’t exactly what we mean when we say ‘airbrushed’. Instead, an ‘airbrushed look’ refers to the effect of the airbrush tool, but without the use of the machine itself. Smooth, flawless, and radiant skin.

These 5 useful tips will help you achieve a real flawless, airbrushed look without the assistance of an Instagram filter.


Prepping your skin before makeup application is a crucial step in making your airbrushed dreams come true, so make sure that you stick with a consistent skincare routine!

For those with dry skin, exfoliating once to twice a week can help you get rid of dry and flaky patches of skin. Meanwhile, those with oily skin may find solace in mattifying skin care products.

Makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, who’s worked with the likes of Kylie Jenner and Shay Mitchell, recommends using a gel moisturiser and sheer highlighter when prepping the skin. Even adding a bit of oil can help foundation blend more seamlessly into your skin!

Patience is a virtue

After your skincare regime, you should wait a couple of minutes to let all of the hydrating and moisturising factors sink into your skin before applying makeup. If you’re in a rush, we know that this step can be painstakingly annoying, but it’s important to allow your skin to absorb the nutrients of your skincare products. Once you’ve waited several minutes, then you can go ahead and start applying your makeup products.

Blend, and then blend some more

The key to an airbrushed look is the blending process - just like preventing cakey or patchy makeup, you want to ensure that you blend thoroughly, particularly if you use foundation. We suggest blending with a damp beauty sponge to ‘blur’ out areas that start to look like they’re cracking after you’ve applied your foundation by gently dabbing, no swiping!

Light coverage is best

When it comes to an airbrushed look, you’ll want to opt for a less is more approach, which is why light coverage foundations are ideal for this type of look. You can even build up more if you feel that it’s too light. For an even more airbrushed look, opt for a super smoother blurring skin tint or instead of foundation to help you achieve a natural and effortless makeup base that enhances your skin. 


The final step to an airbrushed makeup look is to set everything! If you’ve used airbrushed Instagram filters before, you’ll know that each filter has super smooth skin to the point it looks blurred, which is exactly what you need to replicate in real life.

An airbrushed appearance is typically semi-matte, so you should pick from translucent setting powders and hydrating setting sprays. Use a sponge to lightly dab setting powder into areas of your skin that tend to crease the most, especially under the eye!

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