Top 5 Benefits of Reading Before Bed

Sleep has become a luxury for people these days. Falling asleep quickly sounds like a beautiful dream. Many adults complain about disturbed sleep at night or struggle with insomnia. Multiple factors are responsible for our deteriorated quality of sleep. Stress, unhealthy eating habits, and using digital devices before bed are some of the root cause of this problem.

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If you want to enjoy a relaxing and deep sleep, why not adopt one simple habit: reading before bed. Not only will it reduce your screen time, but it will also provide you with plenty of other benefits. Take a look at the top 5 mind-blowing benefits of bedtime reading:

1. It Calms Your Nerves

Weekdays are often challenging for everyone. We worry about our work, college, deadlines, and the unfinished tasks of the week. This increases anxiety and stresses our brain, heart, and muscles. Consequently, falling asleep and enjoying a quality night of sleep becomes harder.

Reading for a few minutes before sleeping diverts your attention towards the book’s content and temporarily makes you forget about your problems. This, in return, helps your muscles relax, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably.

Moving on to the 2nd benefit:

2. Reduces Screen Time Before Bed

Digital devices emit blue-wavelength light that suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. This blue light tricks the brain into thinking it’s daytime and keeps it awake. Prolonged use of smart devices before bed reduces melatonin and makes it harder to fall asleep.

Switching from using cell phones to reading books can prevent exposure to blue light. Before bed, keep your cell phone away and pick a nice book. Trust me; your brain will thank and reward you with a refreshing sleep.

Next, on number 3, I will discuss another significant benefit of reading before bed.

3. Improves Focus

Did you know that in the last 15 years, our attention span has shrunk considerably to 8.25 seconds? You would be surprised to learn that goldfish have a larger attention span than humans. There are multiple factors behind depleting attention spans; however, the most common cause is multitasking during the day. Many employees and students juggle several tasks simultaneously. As a result, their minds cannot concentrate on a single thing for too long.

However, reading at night focuses all your concentration on the book’s content or plot. You can reread the lines you like without rushing or jumping to the next thing. This disciplines your focus which prevents you from getting distracted easily.

Another significant benefit you can avail of from being a bedtime reader is that it encourages you to learn new things.

4. Expands Your Knowledge

Plenty of adults restrict their learning and intellectual growth once they finish their studies. They complain about the scarcity of time to learn new things. However, taking some time out of your day to read before bed can significantly improve your life. By reading different genres of books by various authors, you can discover new facts and data which can inadvertently improve your life.

Many renowned leaders, businesswomen, writers and celebrities unwind from their busy day by reading. One such individual, a prominent writer and journalist Margaret Fuller had a famous quote:

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

Understanding the underlying meaning of this quote can help you become an influential leader in life, at work, in your community and even among your peers.

5. Helps You Fall Asleep Faster and Deeper

Many people feel lethargic and irritated after waking up. They remain sleepy most of the day and cannot give their best. The reason behind their low energy levels is their poor sleep at night. Reading relaxes your mind, relieves muscle tension, and doesn’t disrupt melatonin production.

When your mind is at ease, you fall asleep much faster. Moreover, you do not wake up frequently and enjoy undisturbed and rejuvenating sleep.

The Bottom Line

Our habits are like an investment; they not only shape our lives but also determine the quality of our future. Hence, try to develop positive habits that will reap immense benefits in your present and later stages. Make books your best friend to enjoy all the above-listed benefits. Start by reading a few lines every day before bed; soon, it will become your habit.

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