Consider Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Everyone gets stuck between many variations in flooring, from classic hardwood to laminate and beyond. The biggest stumbling block in choosing one usually is because there seems to be no shortage of styles and designs that could be right in choice. You may have a good idea of what pattern and style you want to run through the home, but the practicality may not be as it should be in your deciding factor.

If you want authenticity in the look but with minimal effort in keeping it looking the way it should, then Quick Step flooring is the winning option. But when stepping into the area of luxury vinyl flooring, you may not fully understand what you want from it.



A positive of choosing the vinyl option is that it is perfect for any space you want to install.

When installed in an active family room, a bustling kitchen or a shared bathroom, you witness many of the benefits at play. To help, you can obtain samples to showcase what they would look like in each space from providers. Vinyl will open up a lot of consideration into how furniture would co-exist in the room, how light compliments the area and how the choice of tiles or planks plays into the environment.

It is a fantastic choice for regular bathrooms and kitchens due to its practical and protective safeguards against water spills and rising temperatures.


Before installing any vinyl flooring, you prep the subfloor to ensure it is perfectly level, stable and moisture free. Once finished and dry, your vinyl can be installed by a professional or yourself.

It will require an adhesive recommended by the supplier or brand, or click vinyl is as simple as clicking together planks via a locking system. We recommend hiring a reputable fitter to install either way - unless you have someone who is a dab hand within the home. Avoid stepping on the floor for 48 hours after being fit into the room, allowing it to settle before the furniture is returned to the room.


vinyl flooring

Quick-Step luxury vinyl is massively popular due to its ease of care and maintenance.

Luxury vinyl flooring, such as oak vinyl flooring, can be cared for with a soft brush for sweeping and a quick mop with a regular household cleaner (though check if the cleaning product contains any wax mixture - this will affect your wear layer with regular use). When cleaning, it is best to avoid using steam or heat-assisted mops due to weakening the adhesive and causing your planks or tiles to come unglued.

These are the three main core areas you need to know to enjoy Quick-Step luxury vinyl, and you should always consult a professional to make the best choice for your needs.

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