What To Buy The Woman Who Has Everything?

We all know that one person – or perhaps we are that one person – who is hard to buy for. They don’t need anything, they don’t want anything, and yet we really do wish to give them something special as a gift; giving is all part of the fun, after all, especially at this time of year. Here are a few ideas for gifts for the woman who has everything which is sure to put a smile on her – and your – face.

Magazine Subscription


Having a magazine full of information about something they are interested in, coming through the door once a month is a treat. Who wouldn’t like that? Who wouldn’t love to sit for a while with their favourite read and a cup of hot coffee and take a bit of time for themselves? No one. This is why a magazine subscription is an excellent idea for those hard to buy for people in your life. There are magazines on any and every subject, so no matter what your loved one is into, you’ll be able to find a publication that will suit them perfectly. Plus, this is the kind of gift you can get every birthday or Christmas, and it will always be appreciated.

Monthly Box of Treats

You can get a subscription to lots of different things these days, not just magazines. You can sign up for a monthly delivery or sweet treats like cookies or cakes, or perhaps wine or beer would hit the spot. Maybe monthly deliveries of makeup, a book, or even ingredients to cook a wonderful meal. Find the right thing, and your gift will keep on giving for a whole year.

Good Coffee


If your loved one is a coffee connoisseur, then usual stuff from the supermarket just isn’t going to cut it. This is why buying some really good coffee, and perhaps a special coffee maker to go with it, will be an ideal gift. Make sure you do your research to ensure you’ve made the right choice; reading a guide to the Lavazza coffee range is a great place to start.


You can never have enough jewellery, so buying a gorgeous piece from a renowned store with a famous name is a great gift. Take the time to notice the kind of jewellery that she wears already – which metal she favours, whether there are gems in it, whether she likes rings or necklaces, or bracelets – and look for something that matches her preferences. It’s perfect.

The Family Tree 

It’s possible to buy a family tree gift set that will mean the woman who is otherwise impossible to buy for can have a truly unique gift, just for her. The kit gives you all the details on how to search for your ancestors, and you can even get a DNA testing kit to go with it that gives you information on where that family came from originally.

Scratch Off World Map

This massive map of the world will look great on any wall, but the bonus of this is that you can scratch off the areas you have already visited, showing off a vibrant colour underneath. Your loved one can reminisce over places he or she’s been and plan their next holiday to somewhere they haven't.

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