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Many of us have allergies these days. They can be annoying and mild at one extreme, and at the other, they can be devastating and life-threatening. I remember my mother saying that as a child I was allergic to penicillin but over time I have become tolerant to this and have grown out of it, but not everyone does. 

What is an allergy?

An allergy is your body's adverse reaction to a substance. We can become allergic to substances like food, insect bites and stings, animal fur and hair, medicines, grass and tree pollen and household chemicals amongst other things. 

It is estimated that around a third of people in the UK are allergic to at least one allergen with the common ones being pollen and food like milk eggs and nuts.

What are the symptoms of an allergy?


Symptoms of an allergy can include the following but can be more than this - sneezing, a runny nose, watering eyes, itching, rashes, coughing and wheezing. 

Most allergic reactions come on quickly and many reactions are mild however a severe reaction can cause anaphylactic shock. This is an extreme emergency, the airway may be obstructed and you should call 999 and request an urgent ambulance. 

How to identify the allergy

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The main thing to do is to avoid the allergy in the first place. This may be easier said than done. Many people do not know or can pinpoint exactly what they are allergic to. This is when home allergy testing comes in.  Home allergy testing can help you identify what you are allergic to. If your reactions are not severe, this can be helpful as a starting point, to take to your GP, who can provide more thorough testing and diagnosis. 

A testing kit from Klarify.me tests for 294 different allergens including all the main food allergens, pollen and pets. All the equipment you need to test for the allergens is in one box. From a step by step guide, alcohol wipes to sterilise the area, a sterile lancing device to prick your finger (don't worry you won't see a needle), a plaster and a prepaid return envelope. 

You get a personalised report when your results are ready, which has a results summary and a more technical report that can be useful to your GP.  

The whole process is straightforward and there is also a video on their website that will show you the process, especially useful if you are a visual learner.  You can also download the Klarify app for allergy insights, and it is especially helpful for daily pollen forecasts for hayfever sufferers. 

How to treat an allergy 

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Although this is not offering medical advice once you have a diagnosis there are things you can do. Try to avoid the allergy in the first place. This can be as simple as reading labels on food to avoid certain food allergens, or not going out on woodland walks in peak hayfever season. Taking allergy medicines such as antihistamines, and lotions and creams for an allergic reaction can help.  Specific steroid medication can also help reduce inflammation in an allergic reaction. See your GP or pharmacist for medical advice.

You can also try desensitization treatment in a controlled medical setting, in a specialist clinic and under the supervision of a doctor.

Severe reactions need immediate medical intervention, always ring 999 and ask for an ambulance.


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Living with allergies can be difficult. Home allergy testing with a company such as Klarify.me can help you learn to identify your allergies so you can learn to deal with them in the most suitable way.

*AD this does not constitute medical advice


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