Sustainable Practices Becoming A Must In Clean Beauty

Modern customers are becoming more aware of global social and environmental issues. Every week, a news story about catastrophic carbon emissions or massive oil spill or plastic floating in the water emerges.

Some of the petrochemicals found in traditional cosmetics can be pollutants that harm both the environment and in extreme cases our bodies. This is especially the case in unregulated cosmetics. Consumers are demanding natural, non-polluting and non-toxic products as we all become more environmentally conscious. Sustainable ingredients and products have a lower environmental impact, which is one of their key advantages.

One of the socially and environmentally conscious skincare brands is Plant Mother. It is a woman-owned clean skincare brand that specialises in the production of 100% vegan organic products. The brand is dedicated to reducing its environmental impact - carbon footprint, water conservation, and waste reduction. Their products are put in reusable glass bottles with zero-waste packaging without any use of plastics. Plant Mother’s most sought products are Vegan Vitamin C Serum and Organic Plant Based Retinol Serum. You can learn more about the brand’s product sustainability and its clean, botanical ingredients on the company’s website.

A skincare consumer who opts for sustainable cosmetics avoids the stress and uncertainty that comes with synthetic ingredients and instead invests in their long-term health and beauty. Headaches, acne, hormonal imbalance, and even certain types of cancer have all been linked to years of using synthetic toxic cosmetics. Phthalates for example have been related to cancer and type 2 diabetes, among other things.

Small actions toward sustainability can considerably improve consumers health and increase sales, especially as the public's focus on business ethics grows. Here are some advantages of environmentally friendly skincare brands.

1. Product Quality Improvements


Natural cosmetics of high grade quality, produce beneficial health results while posing little risk to the consumer. 

Many chemical compounds, however, such as some mineral oils, are believed to have a low toxicity level for users but research is showing that they may not be as non-toxic as first thought. Such materials have been demonstrated to be allergens when aerosolised and inhaled, and some researchers suggest that they may cause cancer. This is of course worrying.

The toxicity of many natural ingredients is very low resulting in safer, higher-quality products.

2. Company Reputation and Trust Improvements


Green products send a statement to customers that this company values quality, safety, and sustainability and is deserving of their trust.

Consumers are looking for companies that embrace transparency and honesty as more people become concerned about synthetic products. You demonstrate your global and societal awareness by going toward sustainable, green products. This encourages customer loyalty to a brand, rather than merely to specific products. People will start — and keep — buying a company's products if they believe in its objective and a greater good. Putting your customers' health before profits always pays off.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

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Green cosmetics also give skincare companies a unique opportunity to focus on corporate social responsibility. Aside from the beneficial effects of green marketing on a company's image, going the extra mile with sustainable sourcing or packaging can create a big influence.

When a corporation ramps up its sustainability efforts, it assumes responsibility for its impact on world health and the economy. A business obtains authority and respect among consumers, suppliers, and other parts of the distribution chain by adopting corporate responsibility for its manufacturing.

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