How To Have The Perfect New Year At Home On A Budget

Many people are staying at home this year rather than going out celebrating the New Year. There are many reasons for this, A combination of local restrictions due to the pandemic, with a depleted bank balance after Christmas, means it makes sense to stay home, stay safe and save money.  So, if you are looking for some New Year's party inspiration you have come to the right place. Let's have a look at how to have the perfect New Year at home on a budget.

Decide on a theme

playing cards and chips

Decide on a theme for your party and decorate accordingly. Here are some ideas below.

  • A roaring 20's Great Gatsby theme 
  • A masquerade party
  • A flashback to the 80's party 
  • A casino night 
  • A classic Disney movie night

You can pick up outfits from fancy dress shops but for a cheaper alternative upcycle what you already have and add accessories to the theme. A black dress with a boa is the perfect Great Gatsby outfit, a smart dress picked up for a charity shop with a homemade mask is perfect for a masquerade party. A bright neon top picked up from eBay is great for an 80's party and for a casino night, wear a figure-hugging dress you have already in your wardrobe and the men can wear smart jackets, with a bow tie from a charity shop. For a Disney night, come dressed as your favourite Disney character,  - a great idea for all the family.

For a casino night, you only need some playing cards and some chips, which can be bought cheaply. The rules for Blackjack and other casino games can be found online. Disney movies can be streamed or check out charity shops for second-hand bargains. 

These are just ideas that you can run with. Check out what you and your friends have in your wardrobe first before you all buy anything and get creative with the theme. Even if you are only inviting a handful of people due to restrictions then it can still be fun. If you want it to be even safer, politely asking them to do a lateral flow test before, can be a good idea. Although it is not full proof it can help ease anxieties. 

Dress to the nines

Great Gatsby theme

There are plenty of party dresses for women that are fairly priced. High fashion looks are great at this time of the year but if you go for a simple slip dress in black or a maxi dress in black you can wear it again and again. Women's clothing doesn't have to be expensive but buy classic designs to save landfills and accessorise to the max instead.  

Accessories can be bought cheaply on auction sites, in the sales, in charity shops or why not ask around family and friends. You will be surprised what they have. Your mum may still have a 'Relax' t-shirt from the '80s or a feather boa for a 20's party. Get the kids involved in making their own Mickey ears for a Disney night. You can rope them in to decorate the room as well, or maybe they can help make the invitations. 

Food, glorious food

Finger foods or canapes are great for a New Year' Eve party. If you have the time making food for your party from scratch will often be the cheapest idea. Check out Pinterest for some New Year's party food ideas. You can of course buy party food in any supermarket already made.  Also, don't forget people are there for you, so no one's going to judge if it's sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple on sticks and ham sandwiches. Or why not bring out the festive cheese board? It looks impressive, it's tasty and there is no cooking, so it's a big win!

Or do what the American's do and run a 'Pot Luck' party. This basically means asking everyone to bring a dish. This is a great way to save money and you can guarantee people will bring food they like too.

Don't forget the drinks

sparkling wine

When considering the drinks you need to know who is coming, how far, if they are getting a taxi home, staying the night or driving. You can then plan for those that drink alcohol and those that don't.

Don't forget the prosecco for a toast at midnight to save money on the champers. Add some orange juice for a bellini to make the prosecco go further. If you want an equally delicious alternatively suitable for those that don't want to drink, buy a sparkling elderflower drink instead. If kids are coming, why not add some juice to sparkling water and they will feel grown up too.

Music makes the party


If you have a music streaming service like Spotify then you can make a themed party list in advance. If you don't then source out music on Youtube for free. Of course, you can use your own CD's or music you have on Itunes. What about some classic Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin for a casino night or some 1920's music for a Great Gatsby party. Maybe you can have a 1920's dance off! 

An idea for a fun night would be to have a music quiz. Of course, this fits into the 80's party night perfectly or a Disney music quiz, but you can make a music quiz for any theme. Another idea would be to have someone you know that plays the guitar bring it along for some tunes. 

So here are some ideas on how to have a perfect New Year at home on a budget. Let me know if you are planning a New Year's Eve party.

*Collaborative post 


  1. We will be staying in this year so thanks for the inspiration

  2. My son like Schloer which is a sparkling non alcoholic drink when we toast New Year