Budget Bedroom Ideas For A Kid's Bedroom

If you are looking to decorate your kids' room it can be a costly process, however, it doesn't have to be. It can absolutely be done on a budget if you know how to. I have searched the internet and have combined that with my knowledge of decorating and of being a parent, to come up with some budget bedroom ideas on how to decorate your child's room on a budget. 

Wall stickers can transform a room

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Using wall stickers to decorate is a great way to totally transform a room on a budget. Wall stickers are generally well priced, can create an impact and are easy to remove if you get tired of the look. This last point is particularly relevant if you are in rented accommodation and you can't make any permanent changes. There are tonnes of cute wall stickers for kids so you have lots of choices too.

A lick of paint can do wonders

Kids bedrooms can get grubby, however, some simple white paint can make it fresh looking again and won't break the bank. For a pound or two more, get paint that has an eggshell or satin finish as it's hard-wearing and easy to clean - just in case your little ones happen to scribble on the walls! 

Framed artwork made by them 

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For a genius idea that will cost next to nothing, why not frame their artwork? You probably have a lot of their work in a bag somewhere so why not pick the best of it, create a border with some card and buy a frame to hang it on the wall. Pop the work in the frame add the border and then fix it to the wall with a picture hanging kit, Your kid will be delighted, you will be the best mum or dad in the world and you have something that looks great on the wall. 

Upcycle old furniture

If you have some old furniture that is past its prime then why not upcycle it? Chairs can be made comfy and stylish by reupholstering the seat and back, You could also make some nice cushions for their current sofa or chair to give it a fun look. If they have a chest of drawers, wardrobe or table that is getting shabby, think about stripping it of paint, priming it and then staining or painting it.  If you are a good artist or know someone who is, you could even stencil on or paint with a freehand their favourite cartoon characters. 

Multifunctional furniture

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Multifunctional furniture is a great buy for a kids bedroom especially if you are on a budget, or are short of space. A sofa bed can be ideal for a seating area and a bed for when their friends come over, whilst a bunk bed with a desk underneath is useful for when your child has to do their school work. Check out second-hand sites for a real bargain like Facebook Marketplace, or eBay, and local thrift shops that sell furniture to save some serious money.

So here are some budget bedroom ideas for a kid's bedroom. Have you decorated your child's bedroom? Do you have any budget ideas?

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