Why 6 Berth Touring Caravans Are A Good Idea

Caravan holidays are going through a resurgence. After all, there are many benefits of going on a caravan holiday especially at the moment, where it's more difficult to go abroad. Caravan holidays are easy to plan, cost-effective in the long run and flexible. Let's have a look at the benefits of caravan holidays and especially the 6 berth touring caravans. This is an advertorial in conjunction with Bailey of Bristol Caravans and Motorhomes but all words and opinions are my own.

The benefits of a caravan holiday

Pegasus caravan
As a child, you may have gone on a caravan holiday and have many memories of caravan holidays with your family. Caravan holidays have changed since those days though, you can still have fun with your family but in a more upgraded environment.

Today there is no need to use the campsite's toilet block for a shower as toilets and showers are usually standard in caravans these days. Most also have cooking facilities and a fridge too so you can be completely self-sufficient. In these pandemic times, it's always good to have your own shower facilities and be able to cook food for yourself if needed. The new models of caravans are definitely more high end and luxurious than in the past.

Caravan holidays are also flexible, you can go at short notice, as there is no need to book a hotel in advance just a pitch for your caravan. Some places allow you just to turn up if there is space too without booking. It's great for impulse weekends away. Although you do have the expense of a caravan initially, pitch fees are so much cheaper than a hotel too.

Caravan holidays are great if you have a dog. Many dog lovers love caravan holidays as they can take their pet with them, and they don't have the cost and worry of putting their dog in a kennel.

Why I personally would like a Bailey 6 berth caravan

inside caravan

As well as the benefits of a caravan holiday I mentioned above I have some personal reasons why I would like a caravan.

Firstly I have always wanted a caravan. When I was a child we went on many camping holidays and I used to look in envy at the caravans at my local stockist. Caravanning looked... exotic! Having your home with you when you travel still seems exciting today. Being able to park by a beach or a beauty spot and sit in comfort with a cup of tea, admiring the view is my idea of heaven.

Secondly, holidays abroad are really difficult at the moment. With countries' travel status changing on a regular basis and the fuss of having to get PCR tests and possibly isolate, a caravan holiday in the UK seems like a great idea, without all the fuss.

Thirdly, the flexibility of a caravan holiday is a great thing. When borders opening up again, it will be especially good for us. We can take the caravan abroad on a ferry or the Eurotunnel, and no flying is involved. As someone who is an anxious flyer then that is obviously a great thing.

Lastly, a 6 berth touring caravan from Bailey of Bristol would be a great spacious choice even more so if you are a couple. We can also take my mum or my grown-up son with us if we need to as well. 

The caravan I would choose


Bailey Caravans have a website with 360 virtual tours which were really useful when choosing the perfect caravan. In fact, all the current caravans and motorhomes have virtual tours so you can see the inside of each one. Check out the caravan virtual showroom and the motorhome virtual showroom. My favourite caravan was the Pegasus Grand SE caravan range which is spacious, high-end and luxurious looking. The Alliance silver edition motorhome with their Alu-Tech technologically advanced strong body shell is also another favourite.

The Pegasus Grand SE has 6 different models with roomy layouts. I like the Turin model. It has a generous front lounge with a parallel seating area that can be converted into a double bed or two singles. Perfect for my son. It also has another seating area that can be converted into a double bed. Great if my mum was with us. At the back of the caravan, there is a fixed double bed that is screened from the rest of the caravan with a curtain, which would be perfect for my husband and I. What really makes it for me though is a corner washroom with a large shower cubicle. No having to run to the shower block in the cold. It also has a dual fuel hob and microwave which is so handy if restaurants are busy in tourist areas.

Where I would go and what would I do

The UK is such a beautiful and green country so initially, I would like to explore Scotland more, driving around Loch Lomond or the Scottish Highlands. We visited this area recently and would love to go back to the area around Oban and possibly take a trip to the Isle of Mull. Accommodation can be expensive so having a caravan will mean we would save money.

In the autumn a trip to Cornwall would be a must when the beaches become quieter. I would visit the pretty little seaside towns like St Ives and explore the Cornish coast, checking out the chip shops along the way. I mean you have to have fish and chips when visiting the seaside don't you?! 

So let me know, would you get a caravan or motorhome? Do you like the Bailey of Bristol caravans and motorhomes?



  1. Caravans have definitely improved since I was younger, there are so many benefits for a caravan holiday.

  2. There is nothing quite like having a caravan you can head off on holiday in is there? A 6 berth sounds like a great size as well!

    1. I think that gives you enough space even if there isn't 6 of you.

  3. We love caravan holidays and would love to have one of our own : they are the best memories we have had

  4. We have actually been talking about getting one of these - we stayed at Haven last week and saw so many people with touring caravans and have been discussing it! Would definitely get a 6 berth!

    1. I think a 6 berth gives you extra space and more privacy