What Do I Need For A New Horse?

Owning a horse is a big undertaking. If you have never owned a horse before it may seem like there is so much information out there to read. Here is a simple guide to what you need for a new horse. This list isn't exhaustive but is a basic guide for new owners.

Read any information you can find

horse and rider

Firstly owning a horse is a big commitment, so read any information you can find out there from reputable sources. A subscription to a magazine about horses is a good idea like Your Horse, or Horse and Rider, and read blog posts about owning horses. Horse care books like The Complete Horse Care Manual are also a good buy. Horses are also expensive so check that you have the money as well as the time commitment to look after a horse. You also need to ensure your horse is registered at a veterinary practice for routine health care such as vaccinations and dental care. This also costs money.

What shelter and space will my horse need?

Horses need to graze and enjoy being in fields during the day but they need shelter too. You need to see what you can afford and then what livery fits your needs. This is where a horse is looked after, mucked out and may be exercised for you. Many people won't have a field and stables to keep a horse themselves but if you are serious about keeping a horse look for fields to rent and how to build a stable if you don't want to go down the livery route. 

Stable equipment

If you are building a stable then you need stable equipment. Equipment needed includes feed buckets, hay nets, pitchforks, brooms, a wheelbarrow and manure forks. You can buy some of these second hand if you are on a tight budget. Just ensure that there have been no chemicals stored in any second-hand buckets.

Horse trailer

For transporting a horse you need a horse trailer. These can be thousands of pounds new. Again you can buy second-hand horse trailers that are in good condition - look at adverts in the back of horse magazines or sites such as Gumtree or Preloved. Just be sure that it is solid, and has no rust or damage. 


horse and groomer

Horse grooming is essential to look after your horse and its wellbeing. You need to groom a horse at least once a week to ensure the condition of the horse. When you groom a horse you can pick up any health conditions too. Things you need to buy include a hoof pick, curry comb, body brush and mane comb. Shampoo and conditioner made especially for horses are also recommended. 

Horse Tack

Horse tack is the equipment you need to ride a horse. This includes a saddle and saddle blanket, stirrups, a bridle, a martingale, and reins. There are a few terms you may not be familiar within these terms, for example, a martingale is a strap from the reins to the girth of a horse preventing it from carrying its head too high and a bridle is a headgear used to control the horse.  

Saddle Pad

When it comes to choosing a saddle pad for your horse, it's important to prioritize their comfort. Consider your horse's size and shape to make sure you purchase a saddle pad that fits correctly and doesn't cause pain during riding.

For first-time riders or horses, using a general-purpose saddle or a LeMieux non slip gel saddle pad is better. These options provide additional support, making them safer for both you and your horse.


Horses are herbivores and need grass, hay and haylage as well as plenty of water. You should be able to source hay suppliers online. If your horse is working hard then you can give supplements but it's a good idea to check with a professional such as a vet or horse nutritionist what the best supplement for its needs are.


Essential clothing to ride a horse includes riding boots with heels to use in the stirrups, a riding hat that is a must-have in case you fall off, and leggings or breeches. If you are new to riding a body protector can provide some essential protection if you are thrown off your horse too. Of course, you can spend more on your clothing but these are some of the essentials you need. 

This is a simple guide to what you need for a new horse. Let me know if I have missed anything out.


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