Brilliant Budgeting Ideas For Your Home And Garden.

The process of home renovation can often deter homeowners due to the cost. It’s true that home and garden renovations can be expensive, especially if you’re looking for specific details or a bespoke design. Many people think that renovating their home must break the bank, but revamping your space doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. 

Thanks to budgeting experts, there are still effective ways to renovate your home and garden inexpensively, using quick hacks and staying on a tight budget. Whether you want to renovate your property to create your dream home, or attempt to add value to your property before you enter the open market, here at We Buy Any House have compiled our top tips and advice on brilliant budgeting ideas for your home and garden.

Advice: 5 Ways to Be Financially Savvy

1. Create And Stick To A Budget

Creating a budget is the easy part, it’s the ‘sticking to it’ that proves problematic. In terms of home renovations, it's easy to become carried away buying expensive home and garden items and ultimately disregard your set price. An effective way to avoid this is to create a spreadsheet prior to renovating and add everything you need to buy. Once you have the costs for flooring, lighting, garden wear, countertops etc., then you can make adjustments by editing, choosing less expensive materials or cutting out unnecessary items. It's good to have a slight contingency budget though of up to ten per cent in case you have any emergencies.

2. DIY

This is perhaps the most obvious way to be financially smart during home and garden renovations. We often become so consumed with the cost of home renovating materials and items that we forget that we will have to pay for things to be installed and completed by professionals. If you’re looking to renovate your home and garden on a budget, then DIY is the solution. 
For example, if you're planning to create an office at home, then perhaps you can take advantage of office containers that are on sale online. You can build an office in your garden for that cosy vibe, or you can even transform it into a garage if you want.  If you can manage to complete things yourself then your cost will be considerably less, but for those who aren't fans of DIY, remember there is easy prep work you can do which will save you money as most professionals charge by the hour. 

3. Take Your Time

If you can, take your time. By prolonging your renovation, you will have the chance to save up more money for a bigger project. Similarly, if you have the money to get started straight away, take time planning in advance as that can save you money in the long run. 

4. Pay By Cash

Paying with cash can save you from making financial errors along the way. Instead of succumbing to the temptation of taking out a loan or tapping your credit card in homeware stores, paying with cash allows you to physically what is going out and if you leave your card at home then there's no room for temptation!

5. Reuse Materials

You might be renovating your home and garden, but that doesn’t mean existing materials and items are redundant. You can save a lot of money by giving items a little TLC and placing them somewhere better suited. Upcycling by giving the furniture a lick of paint or reupholstering a sofa can save you money. Don’t forget about trading and selling websites, you may find the perfect item or material for half of the price.

Hacks: 5 Budget Friendly Ways to Instantly Makeover Your Home & Garden:

plant pot

1. Peel ‘N Stick Flooring

Not only great for revamping your whole floor, but also works wonders for the kitchen area. By placing the adhesive behind your kitchen cabinets, it creates a faux backsplash- without the woodworking or carpentry skills. It instantly improves the way your kitchen looks and is budget-friendly.

2. Shape Up Your Garden

Perhaps the cheapest and easiest way to transform your garden is to shape it up. By cutting the garden into a defined shape (for example a circle or an oblong) immediately makes your garden appear neater and more luxurious. Using string to mark it out, all you then need is a spade to dig the excess grass- making your garden look beautiful with no expense.

3. Paint and Add Mirrors

Here’s a 2-in-1 hack. Giving your property a fresh coat of paint will do it the world of good, especially if you're looking to add value to your property. An inexpensive and budget-friendly hack is painting your home with neutral tones to make your rooms seem not only bigger but well maintained. It allows the room to have a timeless feel, and a neutral look is great if you are putting your home on sale. Adding mirrors throughout the house will reflect light and trick the eye into thinking the rooms are bigger than they actually are.

4. Plant Containers

A way to keep your garden looking fresh and under control is to place flowers in bloom in stylish containers and pots that suit your property style. Ideal for patios and balconies or other paved areas, it’s a budget-friendly way to revamp your garden, especially if you have no lawn. You will also be able to restrict root growth and even ensure there is a good water supply and drainage.

5. Changing the Window Treatments

New blinds or curtains are a great way to give your interior a facelift. The windows are often an overlooked part of property renovation, yet the truth is that they do so much for the appearance of your property. New fabric curtains, blinds or a combination of the two can transform your home, and if you're looking to save money aim to reuse existing materials or make the curtains yourself.

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