How To Create The Perfect Garden Room Guest Annexe

There are several reasons why homeowners invest in a garden room, with one of the most common reasons being to provide their guests with their own space when they visit. A guest annexe is a perfect way of allowing your guests to have a level of independence when visiting your home, so you and your guests can have their own space. There are many ways you can design a guest annexe to meet your guests' needs, but for the best annexe, there are some core features that must be included to give the best experience…

There are three main rooms you will need in your guest annexe: a bedroom, bathroom and living area or kitchen space. These will allow your guests to live independently from your home in comfort and, hopefully, style! It may seem like you would need a large garden room to host all three of these spaces, but you would be mistaken. You can fit a bedroom, ensuite and small living space in even the smallest garden room. However, if you have the space to use, it is always best to give yourself as much room as possible for your guest garden room. Depending on how independent you want your space to be, you can choose whether to have a fully functional kitchen in your guest annexe or rather a small kitchenette and living room space. The choice is yours, with Hawksbeck Garden Rooms providing a completely bespoke service. 


For your guest bedroom, it is difficult to strike a balance between fresh and airy, and warm and cosy. The best way to create both these styles is by choosing your lighting options carefully. Make sure there is a window in the bedroom, to ensure some natural ventilation of the room so it does not become stuffy and uncomfortable. 

Supplement this with bright downlights that light up the room during the daytime, and illuminate the lighter colours used in the room d├ęcor. When your guests want to get cosier in the evenings you can use warm lamps or wall lights, with a dimmer switch on the main downlights or spotlights to give them full control over the ambience. This will allow your guests to make the space feel like their own, with the control being firmly in their hands. When decorating your room, use lighter colours for the bedspread and walls, but ground these colours with darker coloured warm blankets and cushions. By doing this, you will balance both a cosy style with a fresh, inviting look!


There are several ways you can design your bathroom to accommodate your guests, with a full luxurious bathroom or a smaller ensuite shower room. Depending on whether you want your garden room to be a retreat for your guests or a quick overnight accommodation, you can choose how luxurious you want it to be. With free-standing bathtubs, his and hers sinks and waterfall showers, you can create a retreat for your guests, and even rent your space out for romantic getaways! Hawksbeck Garden Rooms has designed many garden room annexes that have been used for hosting friends and family and hosting Airbnb guests.

Whichever way you decide to decorate your garden room, you can create the perfect guest annexe for friends, family, and strangers. Giving your guests their own space away from your family home can help them to feel more comfortable and give you and your family the privacy you need.


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