Kudd.ly Cooling Blanket Review

The warm weather is much appreciated in the UK at the moment. We are not known for having consistent sunny days and rain is always just around the corner so a hot spell of weather is wonderful. However, if you are like me you may have difficulty sleeping when the weather doesn't cool down at night. That is where a cooling blanket can help.  So I was grateful when kudd.ly sent me one of their new cooling blankets to review. This is a post in conjunction with kudd.ly but all opinions are my own. 

What is a cooling blanket?

cooling blanket

A cooling blanket is a weighted blanket designed to keep you cool. Weighted blankets have been around for a while now but cooling blankets are relatively new to the market. Weighted blankets are said to have many benefits, such as helping you to fall asleep easier, easing muscle tension and helping to soothe anxiety. 

My son has been using a weighted blanket for a while now and really likes using one. He finds it is so much easier to sleep when he is using one, in fact, sometimes I find it's hard to wake him up! So I was looking forward to trying out the new kudd.ly cooling blanket.

The kudd.ly cooling blanket


The kudd.ly cooling blanket is available in two colours, glacier grey and cooling mist. The one that was sent to me was the cooling mist, which is a very light mint green. 

The blanket is made of glass micro sand beads that move to your body's shape. It is made of temperature regulating material, using HydroCool™ technology, which the company states keep you cool at night. The size of the blanket is suitable for a single bed, as a throw on a double bed or as a blanket to keep you snug when you are on the sofa. 

cooling blanket

It weighs 5kg so it's not too heavy but you do feel the weight, keeping you snug and secure. 

My Experience

kuddly blanket

I must admit, I've never used a weighted blanket before so I wasn't sure if it would work for me. I tried it today for the first time as I had a bad night's sleep last night and was up until 3am. I used it for a daytime nap, I mean why not, and as I work from home I am taking full advantage of naps these days for productivity? I did feel the weight of the blanket initially, and I thought it would never work but I was asleep in less than 5 minutes. I woke up after 40 minutes feeling very rested! It was very warm outside being in the mid '20s but I didn't feel overheated at all. The material was soft and tactile as well which was nice. With a normal blanket, I would have definitely felt too hot. It just seemed to regulate my temperature and with the added benefit of the blanket being weighted, it didn't fall off at night.

I definitely plan to use the blanket now on hot days.  If you want to buy a kudd.ly cooling blanket you can buy direct from the kudd.ly website. The blanket is also machine washable so it's easy to keep clean.

Let me know, have you tried one of the weighted blankets on the market? Would you give the kudd.ly™ cooling blanket a go?



  1. I do love the sound of this blanket. I've been wanting a weighted blanket for ages and this cools too so is even better.

  2. I have recently got my daughter a weighted blanket as her pains were getting worse in her legs and she has found it helpful. I do love the idea of a cooling blanket am off to look now as this would be great for me

  3. Looks super comfy! Love the mint green or cooling mist I guess colour. I never tried a weighted blanket but sounds interesting

  4. I've never tried a weighted blanket, but a cooling one sounds really good x

  5. I have a weighted blanket but didn't know they do cooling weighted blankets too, I have to check out this brand.

  6. I have a weighted blanket, though I find I can only use it on legs due to my arms not working so well. But they can really make you feel relaxed.

  7. I have never tried a weighted blanket before but this does sound good. I might have to get one for myself!