Time To Learn The Benefits Of Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems are perhaps not a phrase that you are too familiar with. Hydroponics, however, are in fact an excellent way to create a home garden when you don’t have the outdoor space or wish to be a little more resourceful. Plant researchers have found that the soil itself is not essential for plant growth - the metabolism in the plant is based on the absorption of simple ions, the soil is usually used as a reservoir for these ions, but in fact, the plant roots are able to absorb the nutrients when the irrigation solution is fertilised and acidic. 

So what exactly are the main benefits? We know that hydroponics offers a simple solution that brings plants and crops to fruition in smaller spaces; ie. a balcony or a smaller space. It is a sustainable way to care for your plants without any need for soil. You save up to 80% water, which is the main benefit of course.


  1. The ease and efficiency of hydroponic growing allow us to grow edible and ornamental plants, whenever and wherever we want and in abundance.

  2. Hydroponics makes it possible to create a controlled environment for plant growth and it has been proven that many plants produce higher yields in less time.

  3. In a hydroponic system, plants can be grown at a high density, relative to plants in the soil.

The most economical hydroponics in water are the NFT and DWC methods. These are basically closed systems that contain water, and the system utilizes the same water over and over again and consumes a relatively small amount to irrigate plants in the soil (when using conventional gardens - close to 80% as previously mentioned). Hydroponic systems are an excellent solution to the demanding lifestyle we maintain, along with our desire to eat healthier and smarter, you can grow edible plants often and enjoy the growing process itself and the freshness of the vegetable simply and efficiently. It is a wonderful way to ensure that your home is eco-friendly and functional too.

In the hydroponic system, there is no need for irrigation or constant watering as we would a regular houseplant. The process is carried out automatically and continuously and all the grower needs to take care of is a set amount of water in the water tank (by manual filling or using an automatic compensation buoy), fertilize and acidically balance the irrigation solution and enjoy the crops. In areas where there is not enough natural lighting or direct sunlight, it is possible to grow hydroponic vegetation to full shade or add lighting to grow plants and thereby utilize more areas in the urban space.

Hydroponics has so many benefits that they make it the ultimate method for growing vegetation at home and in business. We are seeing that eco-friendly homes are becoming more and more popular and there is an increase in the demand for smarter homes which means that you could essentially add value to your home by doing very little.

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