6 Simple Items of Furniture You Can Make at Home

Whether they are trying to save money, try out a new hobby, or want to create unique pieces that no-one else owns, more and more people are having a go at making their own furniture. With many apps and websites brimming with handy tutorials, it has never been easier to create DIY furniture. If you’re stuck for ideas, read on for inspiration.

Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a great starter project, as they can be as simple as you want them to be - all you need is wood and nails! Almost any type of wood can be used depending on how rustic or quirky you want your rack to be. You can buy wood cut to size, or even use reclaimed wood. Finish off with a coat of varnish, stain, or paint to camouflage any scuffs made by the shoes.

Writing Desk

A basic writing desk is incredibly easy to make, with the most difficult part being to make sure all the legs are even to avoid wobbles. Plywood sheets are better than reclaimed wood to maintain a smooth writing surface, but you could always add interest with the legs, which you can get pre-made, or cut yourself from treated timber. Plywood Sheets from Armstrong Supplies come in a range of thicknesses and are ideal for desktops. They can be left untreated or stained to match your home office style.


When it comes to simple woodwork projects, mirrors are perfect, and there are many customisations. Almost any piece of wood can be used – new, reclaimed, carved, flat, gnarly. Even treated branches can be formed into a frame for a magical fairy tale look. All you need is a piece of mirror to insert into the frame, and a hook to hang it with.

Coffee Table

A quirky coffee table is just the thing to show off your individual style. Often the centrepiece of a room, you want this item of furniture to stand out, so don’t opt for a plain piece of wood. Instead, hunt for unique reclaimed wood – old planks, railway sleepers, chests, or even an antique door! Just make sure you sand and treat it to avoid splinters!

Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

If you are not feeling too adventurous, why not try making a coat rack? You just need one piece of wood that is varnished, stained, or painted to your taste, then simply add hooks at regular intervals. The trickiest part is then attaching it to the wall, but there are lots of tutorials you can use to help you.

Bedside Table

Bedside tables can be as simple or as extravagant as you want them to be. They should ideally be made with flat pieces of timber or plywood and can either be a small tabletop design for a lamp, have a shelf for a book, or you could even attempt to add a drawer.

These simple items of home-made furniture are not only great for your own house, but they make fantastic gifts too. The recipient of such a unique item will be thrilled, especially knowing that so much thought and effort has been put into it.

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