5 Accessories For The Perfect Spring Outfit

Spring is right around the corner, and especially after a cold winter, there is nothing like having fun with spring fashion and swapping out (some of) your winter layers. Like every season, we see new trends and ways of styling our favourite looks, and accessories can be those pieces to help revamp your wardrobe and make your spring outfits.

Here are 5 accessories to have in your collection to make for the perfect spring outfit:

Purple shoes

purple shoes

It’s no secret that spring is the season when colour is significantly reintroduced into fashion (and the world in general) after the winter months. This month and for the spring season, purple shoes have made an entrance, giving you the option for a significant and fun pop of colour with a statement shoe. Purple shoes of all types: sneakers, boots, heels, and more are widely available this season, so if you want to add some colour and extra personality to your spring looks, this is a bold place to start!

Market Totes and Straw Bags

Market totes and straw bags are popular spring favourites, both light to carry and also a nod to the season. Straw bags are perfect for either going for a spring picnic or reminding you of one, and market totes are your go-to for actual market days or just a fashionable handbag option when you also want space in your bag. If you are in the market for a new tote or straw bag, a popular option is a Valentino bag that you can buy from online websites like YOOX for example.

Phone case mini bags

We’ve seen micro bags, but the phone case mini bag is another small option that gives you the ability to carry your phone essentials and not much else. For those days you don’t need many items, don’t want to weigh down your outfit, or you want something to either blend it or stand out from the rest of your outfit, this is a perfect spring accessory.

Head scarves

cheerful woman with scarf

Headscarves are a practical and gorgeous accessory for the springtime (and every season). You can wear it around your head, around your neck, wrapped around your waist, or tied around your bag. As such a versatile piece, this is a great accessory to have in a few different colours and prints.

Stylish water bottle holders

As we all do our part to take on more sustainable habits, bringing a water bottle can sometimes be a hassle. Enter: stylish water bottle holders. They can attach to your handbag or person so you always have your reusable handy but in a fashionable way.

One last accessory we will continue to see in the spring season are masks. So, get yourself some that work with your spring wardrobe, either neutrals that blend in or fun patterns and colours to stand out!

*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

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