Ways The Groom Can Help Out With The Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and although there are many would be grooms that help out, often the majority of planning is done by the bride. This, however, need not be the case. Maybe your partner doesn't know what you want him to do. Maybe he is overwhelmed too. So sit down, make a plan and discuss how you can both take responsibility for the best wedding ever. If you can coordinate from the word go, support each other and be each other’s strength then the stress will be halved and you will have a more relaxed and fun wedding.

1. Let him deal with the ushers

You have enough on your plate dealing with the bridesmaids and your family so let him deal with the best man and the ushers or groomsmen. Talk to your partner about colour schemes and suit designs and let him organise the suit fitting for the groomsmen. He also needs to speak to the ushers and organise them so they know what their role is. Another thing a groom has to do is pick the best man.  A best man traditionally organises the stag do, so pick someone who means a lot but is also a good organiser.

2. Allow him to coordinate his family

Let him deal with his side of the family. He should be in a position to advise you on what his mother’s style and tastes are and give you an insight into the style and colour of the mother of the groom dresses that she is choosing from. Gone are the days where both mothers had to wear matching clothes, however, there are some simple guidelines that should be followed like not wearing white. Sites such as JJ’s House have a range of wedding fashions for both the mother of the groom and the bride's mother. Encourage both mothers to speak to each other so they don't pick the same design and that the colours of their outfits do not clash with the bridesmaids.

3. Get him involved with the budget

If you are splitting the cost of the wedding then it's only fair that he should be involved with the budget too. You can both keep an eye on the costs then. Weddings are expensive and small things can add up. If he realises the cost of things then he (hopefully) won't go mad on the stag do! Maybe there are some areas that he feels strongly about, like having a classic car so if it's in your budget make sure he has a say too. After all, marriages are all about compromise and planning a wedding is all about compromise too.

4. Let him plan the honeymoon

If you want a surprise why not let him plan the honeymoon. It will take the pressure off you trying to plan another aspect of the wedding. Traditionally, the honeymoon destination was entirely the choice of the groom, but things have changed. Tell him your honeymoon destination desires as well as your wishes; you can even tell him of the exact destination you intend to visit. After that, you can pass the mantle to him where he will deal with the logistics and all the payments for your honeymoon. It will be one less thing to worry about in the wedding planning.


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  1. This is a great post, it's a good idea to share the planning so avoid stress.