7 Tips And Tricks To Get A Luxury Bathroom On The Cheap

Some people think that creating a luxurious bathroom requires a considerable budget. However, if you know how to use some key tricks you have the power to transform your bathroom into a space that oozes grandeur and elegance, without emptying your pockets.

1. Invest in a neutral colour scheme

Nothing speaks of everlasting elegance than a neutral colour scheme and choosing to go with neutral colour tones will undoubtedly give your bathroom a more expensive look. A white wall will make the room look bigger, and fresh and is a timeless choice. Accessorize with quality soft towels in shades of white, grey or black. Silver coloured cabinets can be a good choice for this colour scheme.

Soft creams and browns also complement anything wooden in your bathroom. Go for gold coloured fixtures and fittings. Combine with the lighting options mentioned above, and you have just created a stylish and well-appointed bathroom for you and your loved ones to enjoy for very little money.

2. Change the lighting

This is, perhaps, one of the fastest ways to give your bathroom a high-end look. Go beyond the standard light-above-the-mirror scheme and try out pendants, especially if you have available space to accommodate a couple of them. Alternatively, try an ornate sconce - a candle holder that is attached to the wall with an ornamental bracket, for a luxurious look, or candles, just be careful with safety. Battery operated tealights or traditional tealights dotted around the bath will give a softer look in the bathroom and will make for a relaxing ambience. 

3. Upgrade outdated bathroom basics

No, this is not a major renovation project that costs thousands of pounds. The point is to make your bathroom exude a luxurious ambience on a limited budget. Luckily, you can find plenty of discounted branded bathroom suites and bathrooms without having to settle with second-rated options.

From fabulous bathtubs to lavish wash-hand basins and stylish shower enclosures, you can now combine affordability with splendour. You can also be eco-friendly and pick your favourite bathroom essentials with embedded features that contribute to minimising your daily running costs by saving on electricity and water. Just choose the style you want your bathroom to have and make your choices accordingly.

4. Create a spa-like vibe

Spa-inspired bathrooms are usually the most expensive ones. To cut corners and bring the same effect to your own space, create a spa-like ambience by putting a cluster of houseplants, such as orchids, together to give the room an instant inviting feel. If you want more of a Zen look, use reed diffusers to fragrance the air, or a hanging plant like eucalyptus will deliver wonders. Add some candles and relaxing music and your elite personal retreat will be waiting for you every single day from then after. 

5. Go for tiles

Tiles can change the look of a bathroom without the cost of replacing the whole bathroom suite. Featuring a tiled tub or shower is a common characteristic of expensive bathrooms. Along with replacing any outdated bathroom essentials and fixtures, tile is indeed a timeless update you should definitely keep in mind. 

White tiles always look clean and fresh but if you want to give your bathroom even more personality, think about using tiles in a creative way. One option is a beautiful tile ribbon that goes all the way through your tiled shower or what about installing a colourful glass tile backsplash for an artsy bathroom? To see examples of this to spark some inspiration, search for a phrase such as show me glass chevron tiles online.

6. Add natural style with luxurious wood accents

A wood-accented bathroom will probably never go out of fashion. From using an accent of wood in the accessories such as cabinets to tiling an entire area so it has the flair of a posh ski chalet, it's up to you and how much you like this effect. Why not use reclaimed wood to bring some of the outdoors into your bathroom. Make sure the wood you use is treated to resist moisture to protect the wood in a humid environment.

7. Sign your name with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a way of adding personality to a bathroom, and a feature wall of decorative wallpaper works well, just be sure that it is used away from the splash area of the bath or shower. However, do make sure your bathroom has sufficient ventilation and check with the manufacturer that it can be used in a humid environment.

Enjoy your new, refreshed, stylish, and luxurious bathroom, completed on a budget. Let me know, do you have any tips for creating a bathroom on a budget?

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  1. These are great tips, our bathroom is in need of updating so these are really useful.

  2. You can get some amazing tiles and they really make a difference to the look of a bathroom. Ours needs updating to be honest. Mich x

  3. I love white bathrooms they give such a spacious feel and jazzing it up with accessories is a great idea.

  4. You're so right about tiles, they can make a big difference. When we move next year that's going to be our biggest thing going for a new bathroom which will be us, but trying not to spend too much money x