How To Use Tech Positively

Today, whether you walk down the streets, get on a train or glance around a restaurant you see people engrossed in their screens. It's true to say, we are using mobile phones and tablets on the go more than ever and they are getting a pretty bad reputation. Nearly all of us have a smartphone and we automatically pay our mobile phone bill every month, but do we value what it does for us? Is technology really that bad? In truth, we need to cut tech some slack, because technology is more amazing than people make out. Here are a few reasons why we should embrace not hate modern technology.

Music And Technology Soothes Your Soul

Poor mental health is such a huge talking point at the moment and technology is often said to be hindering not helping people. However, technology can provide you with a number of mood-lifting benefits that aren’t often acknowledged. For example, you should never underestimate the power of turning on your laptop and blasting out some feel-good music.  
You can learn meditation online or via an app, learn relaxation techniques or simple yoga via YouTube, listen to relaxation rainfall or waves to help you sleep or find out the best ways to deal with anxiety from mental health sites. If you find using social media and comparing yourself to others is not helping your mental health, however, be sure to have a break from it, go out for a walk and take yourself away from the situation.

Solving Your Problems

The power of the internet is that it can also solve your problems too.  If you search for Mac sound not working you can find an easy fix and if your iPhone is being glitchy, a quick Google will usually solve the problem. Whilst for help fixing your keyboard, cursor or mouse, this site is useful  If you want to know how to change the oil in your car, make the best birthday cake at the fraction of the price of a bought one or find the cheapest city break from your local airport flying next week, the internet is also your friend.

Dear Diary

You can use technology to start a blog and use this as a platform to express your emotions. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a public blog either. Many people invest in a private domain name and use this platform to store memories, perhaps travel diaries, and note down their feelings on a regular basis as this can be cathartic.

Never Lose Touch

It would be much more difficult to stay in touch with your distant friends and family if you didn’t have social media and technology. Admittedly, most of us take it for granted that you can pick up a phone and FaceTime a friend in another country, or connect with them on Facebook or Skype. Without technology, this kind of connectivity would be impossible.

Keep Learning

The internet is home to a whole wealth of knowledge that almost anybody can access. If you have a question, Google will always be there to enhance your knowledge and give you an additional learning platform. Of course, it is important to filter out the nonsense that is put out on the internet, but it is still a valuable tool that many of us take for granted. The rise of online courses can also mean that the internet can open a whole new area of education for some, with a qualification at the end of it too, all completed from the comfort of your home.

Capture Memories

Technology gives us the ability to remember those special events in our lives. There are so many amazing apps out there that can help you take your photography skills to the next level. Without our iPhones and digital cameras, it wouldn’t be as easy to snap those cute and candid moments with our friends and family.

The possibilities of technology are truly endless, from uplifting your mood to keeping in touch with distant friends. Although the scope of technology is pretty overwhelming, we need to remember the amazing things it can do for us in our everyday lives. Just be sure to take a break from it on a regular basis, and don't let it rule you. Technology is amazing, use it positively and it can really enhance your life

*Collaborative post


  1. I can't imagine life without technology. I just hate it when my friends are constantly on their phones when we're out!

  2. I always feel left behind with technology even though I try my best to be as up to date as I can possibly be. I am always shocked as to how much I can do on my phone, literally absolutely everything is paid, booked or sent via it x