10 Ideas To Improve Your Garden

Is your garden somewhat lacking and has been left to become a neglected jungle? There are some easy ways to improve your garden and make it into a beautiful part of your home that you can enjoy when the weather is good.

  • Before you start making improvements, make sure you’re starting with a clean slate. Cut back any overgrown plants. Replace any rotten decking or broken paving slabs on the patio. Hire a pressure cleaner to blast the patio and paths. Weed the garden, and tidy up any messy plants.
  • If you hate mowing the lawn with a passion, why not go for a fake? Artificial lawns, like LazyLawn, are easy to maintain and look quite realistic. No more dragging out the lawnmower to deal with overgrown grass.
  • Mark out different zones in the garden, like lawns and sitting areas, by creating borders. You could use flower beds or planters to create borders, or experiment with different fencing panels using various Fencing Supplies as dividers.

  • Upgrade your garden furniture. Choose pieces that you’ll get lots of use out of. If you love to have barbecues, choose a large table. If you’re more about relaxing, why not treat yourself to a smart sun lounger one of the many comfy hammocks for lounging in with a book or a glass of wine.
  • Fancy up your furniture. Add colourful cushions to garden chairs to bring up some visual interest, and some extra comfort. A patio table cover can have two jobs, keeping your patio furniture clean as well as adding a pop of colour to your patio area. 
  • Garden storage is often overlooked but can help you keep your garden tidy and under control. A storage bench or box that is waterproof is a good way to store soft furnishing for the garden or things like folding extra chairs. Add a shed to store the lawnmower or other gardening tools.
  • Make the most of your garden at night by using lighting. Put in lights at a range of levels, or in different colours to mark up different zones. Low lighting under plants can create a beautiful effect. Add lamps around places where you’ll sit, cook or eat. Wall lights or standing lamps work well for this. Add citronella candles near cooking areas to keep bugs at bay. Put lights next to doors and pathways to reduce the risk of tripping in low lighting conditions.

  • Cheer up a plain patio or deck with some brightly coloured plants in pots. Potted plants are easier to maintain than plants in flower beds. Use a mix of colours and plants that will look good at different times of the year so the patio stays looking pretty. Hanging baskets by the back door could be a fun addition too to add more colour.
  • Treat yourself to a smart barbecue. Whether you buy a good quality grill or build a custom brick barbecue, you’ll seriously upgrade your barbecue game. Host dinner parties outside in the summer and show off your beautiful garden space.
  • If you love to entertain, why not set up an outdoor bar? Make a rustic looking bar with DIY materials and outdoor safe lights. You can stay outside with your friends and keep entertaining without having to go back indoors every time someone wants a fresh drink. Stock the bar before people come over, and you can keep the party going outside all evening.

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