3 Top Tourist Attractions To See Outside Of London

London is fun and exciting, but it certainly isn’t home to everything that the south of England has to offer. After all, last year visitor numbers dropped at the capital’s top tourist attractions, as people turn their attention elsewhere. With the extortionate cost of parking, the price of the congestion charge and the high cost of accommodation, London can be a pricey place to spend a few days, so why not explore further afield? There are great rail connections throughout the south of England, leading to other interesting towns and cities that have a wealth of exciting tourist attractions. So here’re the top tourist attractions to see outside of London, in the south of England.

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is easily accessible, with the impressive Thameslink railway line providing speedy transport from Gatwick airport to Brighton in good time. Sun, sea and a range of fun rides are the order of the day here, as well as plenty of fresh air that’s free of urban pollution. Brighton Pier attracts many visitors simply because there are so many different things to get up to and most are family friendly.

If you are not afraid to be scared, it also has the infamous Horror Hotel. Here visitors can explore eerie hotel rooms and shadowy hallways, all culminating in a series of scares and thrills. Whether you’re looking for laughs or screams, Brighton Pier is more than capable of meeting the challenge head-on. When you are finished with the fun of the pier, go shopping in Brighton's many independent shops, or visit the magnificent Brighton Pavilion. Brighton makes a great day out for all.

University of Cambridge

You don’t need to be super smart and enrol to visit one of Britain’s best and famous universities. Fortunately, Cambridge is also accessible on the Thameslink line, and once you’ve arrived you can tour the institution where the likes of Charles Darwin, Alan Turing, and Stephen Hawking all refined their intellectual brilliance.

There’re numerous opportunities to appreciate the history and architecture of the place too and be mesmerised by all the things that have transpired at the university. Additionally, you can even tour around with current graduates, who’ll give some insight into what it’s like to study there. It’s not an obvious choice, but still, it’s not every day that you can snoop around one of the world’s most prestigious universities! Don't forget to explore this university town too. Perhaps go punting on one of the canals, visit the first rate Fitzwilliam Museum or stroll around the botanic gardens.

Windsor Castle

London is admittedly great for the tourist who wants to see all the royal-related landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London, but go further afield and you will find another place full of Royal history.

Windsor Castle is located a short train ride outside of London, and it’s the largest occupied castle in the world. Founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th Century, it's worth going on a guided tour of the luxury state apartments here as well as visiting St. George’s Chapel, which is located inside its walls. Check out the extravagant art collections, see the moat room and experience the Changing Of The Guard, all without visiting London. Windsor Castle is a world-class attraction and one of the south of England's best.

So here are three top tourist attractions to see outside of London. Let me know have you been to any of these?



  1. Love your recommendations. Windsor Castle is absolutely amazing. I love visitng! I've never been to the University of Cambridge though, it looks amazing. I didn't realise that you could go on a tour of it! x

    1. Everyone thinks of Oxford University but Cambridge is interesting too, and yes Windsor Castle is fantastic

  2. We love Brighton Pier and went to Windsor only 2 weekends ago! The kids loved seeing the castle and I loved seeing how quaint it is compared to London

  3. I was at Windsor last week, we had a lovely day and we live right by Brighton so we often visit there. Mich x

  4. I would love to visit Cambridge and Windsor Castle. I would add Oxford to the list as I have been to Oxford and it was lovely!

    1. I did a walking tour of Oxford once, it was so interesting. Lewis Carrol based Alice in Wonderland on the daughter of a lecturer there. Cambridge is often overlooked though, you should go there.