5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Conservatory

Summer is here and with it comes a desire to freshen up our homes. One room that often gets neglected during the winter is the conservatory. As the weather gets better and warmer, you will find yourself wanting to sit out there more so, of course, you want it looking it's best.

It’s all well and good telling you how to make it look brighter and newer but a little inspiration goes a long way. People have different tastes when it comes to decor so consider heading to a showroom, such as the conservatory showroom Lincoln, to get some ideas and spruce up your conservatory in YOUR style.

Here are my top five ways to freshen up your conservatory that won’t break the bank.

Spring Clean It Up

Yep, you’re going to want to give it a proper spring clean before buying anything new. Get rid of anything that doesn’t fit with your look for the conservatory - have a pile for the bin, donations and recycling - be brutal. Dust and spray and make sure the whole room is sparkling clean. It will look much better straight away.

Get Some Brand New Blinds

Blinds are a must in a conservatory but they can easily get dirty and look dated after a while. If your blinds have seen better days, you may want to consider getting some new ones. There are lots of blinds out there that are good to look at, practical and are affordable too so you can spruce up your conservatory without worrying about your pocket.

Focus On Some Cosy Accessories

Since you are going to be spending a lot of time in the conservatory over the summer, you want to be comfortable, so consider investing in some new cosy accessories such as some beautiful cushions for your seating and a brand new fluffy rug for the floor. Comfort is key and investing in it is never a bad thing.

Bring The Outdoors In

Something that always makes a conservatory look fresher and brighter is a selection of plants. Whether you choose to bring some of the plants from your garden in or head to the garden centre to pick some new ones especially for the room, the plants purify the air and make it a joy to sit in.

Make Yourself A Reading Nook

If you have space, you might want to consider getting yourself a bookcase and putting in the corner of your conservatory with your favourite books and a comfy chair. Nothing is more relaxing than curling up in a chair, looking out into the garden and getting lost in a good book. Why not take advantage of the space you have and create one? You’ll surely enjoy it!

I hope these ideas for freshening up your conservatory have given you some inspiration. Do you do anything different with your conservatory when it comes to summer?

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  1. Conservatories can be so hard to keep the glass clean can't they?! I do think blinds make a big difference especially as you can stop so much heat coming in x

  2. I wish we had the space for a conservatory! I'd love that kind of space to chill out in :) Although I do agree - the window cleaning might be annoying!