Hotel Chocolat

I have a confession to make. I haven't got any pictures of the box of chocolates Hotel Chocolat sent me as before I could say WAIT my son and my husband ate the lot...well almost the lot, I did get to try three out of the box of eighteen! That is a testament to the taste, flavour and all round deliciousness of Hotel Chocolat chocolates.

If you haven't heard of the brand or tried their chocolates - where have you been? Hotel Chocolat is a British chocolatier chain with over seventy five stores in the UK and worldwide. British entrepreneurs, Angus Thirlwell and Peter Harris embarked upon their Hotel Chocolat journey over 20 years ago, and they are one of only a few chocolate makers in the world to grow cocoa themselves for the very chocolates their customers eat.

They base their brand on three main ingredients, Innovation, Authenticity and Ethics. Their look is influenced by the London fashion scene and their chocolate has an authentic taste "less sugar more cocoa" for that luxurious taste. They also base their business on a strong ethical stance and over the last 8 years have invested in the cocoa communities in Saint Lucia and Ghana.

So onto the chocolates. I've been a fan of Hotel Chocolat since I was lucky enough to visit their stores in Bath and Bristol. What I like about the chocolates is that they really feel luxurious, each box is designed with so much thought and each chocolate does truly taste special. Some of my favourites are the Sleekster boxes and the slabs. The Sleeksters are designed to fit through the letter box so make a perfect gift and the slabs are thick pure chocolate indulgence, perfect for that treat for yourself. 

Box of Spiders, Little Bag Of Horrors, The Nutty Collection

For Halloween they have lots of spooktastic goodies from Oozy Eyes to Little Bag of Horrors from Trapdoor Treats to a Box of Spiders. Perfect treats to keep in the cupboard and hand out to those pesky kids when they knock on your door, or to indulge the family.

And onto the Autumn treats they sent me, a box called The Nutty Collection. So over to my son who states that the caramel truffle was " Simply delicious  a thin layer of white chocolate containing a smooth liquid caramel with a hint of rum separated by a lid of mild chocolate containing more of that mouth watering caramel ". It's ok he is 16 but was a little surprised to find the alcohol in the
chocolate. I have to say I did try this delectable chocolate and I can confess I was rather pleased with the hidden alcohol, it certainly wasn't over powering more a hint. The praline filled walnuts I tried next. A chocolate truffle filled the hollow case with a delicious nut top. The other chocolates I was told on good authority were filled with different nuts, smooth and dreamy caramel, and luxurious truffle.

You can find Hotel Chocolat is cities up and down the country and also online.
So if you are looking for an ethical chocolate company where taste really matters and the chocolate really have the WOW factor check out this brand now, you know you want to....
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  1. I loooove Hotel Chocolat chocolate - it taste so luxurious and is a real treat, perfect for xmas, hoping someone is going to buy me some :)

    Laura x

  2. Now I'm craving chocolate........

    Linda x

  3. I love Hotel Chocolat, their chocolate is among my favourite and they do a gluten free range as well. The caramel mini slabs just melt in your mouth, ohhh delicious.

    1. I didn't realise they did a gluten free range, great news for you then Erika

  4. I really like Hotel Chocolat but it can only be considered if it's a treat because I think it's so expensive, don't get me wrong it's high quality chocolate and is probably worth the price but it's so rare I have a chocolate budget big enough for it haha.

    Great post though, now where are those orange matchmakers? haha

    Kate (UK Bloggers)

    The Wet Brush - Brushing your hair in the shower or whilst it's still wet used to be a no-no but not anymore with this Tangle Teezer rival!!

  5. Ooh I love Hotel Chocolat, I also love their stores, the staff are always so lovely and helpful x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

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