The Glee Club - Comedy In Cardiff Bay

Recently stand-up has been going through a resurgence. Comedy stars like Micky Flanagan, Russell Brand and Michael McIntyre have been playing to sold out venues around the country. I guess stand up comedians are almost today's rock stars!

I adore stand-up, one of my favourite trips last year was to the Edinburgh festival. I went with my son and had an amazing time, we saw Tim Vine, Marcus Brigstocke and many more.

I am a fan of the local stand up circuit too and I have been to The Glee Club in Cardiff on numerous occasions. One of my favourite visits was when I was lucky enough to see Michael Macintyre there,  I was in touching distance and he was great, playing to a crowd that were so pleased that he was trying out new gags for a completely new show. I couldn't stop myself commenting to my husband what a bargain we had paying only £10 to see him there, as often his shows  sell out in big arenas and go for £50 plus a ticket. Imagine our laughter when one of his first comments was "Hands up, who told their friends that you were going to see Michael Macintyre and IT WAS ONLY £10?!". 

That's what I like about the Glee Club. You never know who you will see practising for the Edinburgh festival or a new arena show. Often you will see a comedian that you think will be a star in the making and then you will be smug in the knowledge you saw them before anyone else!

So last Friday I went to see the latest offering from The Glee Club in Cardiff, which is perfectly situated in Cardiff Bay.  Surrounded by some great bars and restaurants it is easy to go for a drink or meal before the show with the club on your doorstep.

So onto the club. The Glee is a well oiled machine, the organisation is spot on every time I go there. Firstly The Glee Club has a ticketless booking system which means you just give your name on the door, no faffing around with printing off emails and the like. The lady greeter at the door was very cheery which is great to see as so often staff couldn't care about their customers. Then we were taken to our table by a member of staff who asked if we had been before and explained how it all worked. So far so good. It was quiet for a Friday night when we arrived but it had only just opened. and as time went on the place filled up nicely. Another plus point for the Glee Club Cardiff is that they had plenty of bar staff on, drinks were reasonably priced and food is also available.

The line up for October the 11th was a great mix. 

Charlie Baker, Jimmy Mghie, Tanya Lee Davis, and compare Bethany Black

First off was Bethany Black, there is no mistaking Bethany as an emo-styled lesbian comic. In fact her show embraces all the differences she has and the important part - was she funny - hell yes! So often female comedians have a rough ride but she was great getting the audience warmed up, and her cracking set whilst certainly not for the those without an open mind, was a great laugh.

The first act Jimmy Mchghie was my favourite. Jimmy's comedy pokes fun at the middle classes. Jokes about Iphones, mix with adult humour and observational comedy where the audience is the star. Luckily although we were close to the front, Jimmy's wit avoided us, instead a body builder in a suitable shade of orange took his jokes well and gave us many laughs throughout the routine. 

Tanya Lee-Davis came on next. Tanya is 3ft 6inches but packs many a punch a 6ft comedian could not. Her show emphasises her sexuality and made even that 6ft body builder blush. Thoroughly enjoyable another female comedian that pushes the boundaries but also makes you laugh. 

We rounded the show off with Charlie Baker. A good natured comedian his quick easy wit and cheeky gags mixed with the odd jazz number makes for an entertaining set.  Charlie has appeared on "Never Mind The Buzzcocks", and "Rob Brydon's Christmas Special" and is a warm up for "Mock The Week". 

An eclectic mix of comedians certainly but that's what I like about the Glee Club you never know what you're going to get! 

If you fancy a trip soon they have some great Christmas Party Nights with most dates including a disco and some food in with the price of the ticket. You can follow The Glee Club Cardiff on Facebook and Twitter too to keep in touch for the latest info and sneak previews of up and coming shows.

Besides the Glee Club, Cardiff  there are also Glee Clubs in Nottingham, Oxford and Birmingham, and I forgot to tell you they also have live music too.

So if conclusion, If you like stand up comedy, why don't you take a chance on the Glee Club, it's a great night out - go on your know you want to!

*I was given tickets to the show for an honest review.


  1. We went to see Michael McIntyre at our local theatre, which is also small and it was hysterical. We have seen Russell Brand there also and I have to say his live shows are funnier than anything we have ever see on TV/live. If you haven't and ever get the chance to, go and see him!

    Will look out for the comedians you've mentioned. We are big stand up fans, besides the two mentioned Kevin Bridges, Sarah Millican, Paul Choudray and Rich Hall are among our favourites!

    Great post, thanks for sharing! It reminds me of the times I have laughed so hard I had an asthma attack!

    1. Oh Erika! I am destined to never see Russell Brand it's a long story but I should have gone to see him a couple of years ago but I never got the tickets in time.

      I love Sarah Millican too :) Be careful laughing though!

  2. Love stand up,harder than any actors job as they don't get to retake. Sounds a fab venue, we could do with something like that here!

    1. It is a great venue and it is so well organised too.

  3. I find the Glee club a great venue both for gigs and comedy. It just has an amazing atmosphere

    1. It does have a great atmosphere I agree with you!