It's Fancy Dress Time

My fondest memories of Halloween has been family holidays to Florida at this time of year. Halloween is a big event there and the Americans know how to celebrate it. All the theme parks are decked out in decorations from the beginning of October until the beginning of November and there is a great atmosphere in all the major parks. In the Magic Kingdom they celebrate with Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party ( or MNSSHP) and in Universal Studios the Halloween Horror Nights. I have been to both and they are like chalk and cheese. The former great fun for little kids, with lots of activities and sweet collection points, the latter so scary, especially when you are being chased by a man in a mask wielding a chainsaw and is not recommended for under 13's!

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When we went to MNSSHP myself and my husband decided we wouldn't dress up but my son J who loves media and drama decided he would go as The Joker, especially as The Dark Knight is one of his favourite films. 

What was especially admirable was that he stayed in character all day in the 90 degree heat, he never smiled just looked mean! When I looked online I didn't know what companies to trust for Halloween fancy dress costumes but since then I have found a number of companies that have easy to navigate websites, with secure servers, easily contactable by phone and have a great variety of costumes. Personally I think picking a reputable company is even more important when ordering online.

J as The Joker

I guess another busy time for Fancy Dress shops is when there's a marathon on. I've lost count of how many men dressed in monkey costumes or TV characters I have seen. It must be really hot running in a Spongebob costume, and I take my hat off to those who are doing it for charity that's for certain!

Before long it will be that unmentionable C word - Christmas and then New Year, another time where the fancy dress costumes come out.  Sometimes it is hard choosing what to buy or hire. It helps if the party has a theme. Think movie characters, rock or pop stars, or past eras - for example 20s, 60s or 70s fancy dress costumes, Don't forget for that finishing touch a costume isn't perfect without the accessories, most fancy dress shops have wigs, makeup and masks. It all adds to the effect.

But the last point I want to mention is always be prepared and keep your sense of humour. One year I went to a New Year's Eve party as a 20's flapper girl and my husband a hefty gangster. When we got there no one else was dressed up! It wasn't so difficult for me but my poor husband had to wear the fat suit for the whole evening..... 
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  1. I love Disney! I just bought my Halloween costume today! :) xx

  2. Oh a 1920's Flapper Girl!! Fabulous! I love the glamour of the 20's, your poor hubby though. The Joker costume looks fantastic! One of my favourite superheroes is Batman so struck a chord with me.
    I usually dress up as a witch, would love the confidence to go as Harley Quinn though!

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your comments Erika. Yes it was a glamorous outfit glad I didn't have to wear what he did though!