Perfect Luggage For A Winter Break

Being self employed has it's downsides. Every Christmas for the last five years I have been working as it was our busiest time. Due to new opportunities we have decided to close our shop and move onto other things. Well I am now seeing the benefits. I love to travel and this year we will be going to the Christmas markets in Europe for the first time.

My husband loves to take everything apart from the kitchen sink on holiday but this year I am determined to pack lightly for a short break in Europe, so I have been looking for luggage I can use time and time again that won't break the bank. Also a factor that is important to me is how lightweight the luggage is to wheel around cities on the way to our hotel.

Well I think I found my perfect luggage from TJ Hughes department store.

TJ Hughes is a discount department store specialising in home and fashion, fragrance and cosmetics, technology and electricals. It offers premium brands at up to 70% discount and quality products at low prices. I am proud to support British businesses and from humble beginnings in 1912 in Liverpool they have grown to 9 stores across the country, and now employ 700 people. They are also online too at

Whilst browsing their website I came across the luggage below.

Sub O-G Lighweight Luggage
26" Dimensions:

• Outer Dimensions: 74cm x 471cm x 26cm (Includes handles and wheels)
• Inner Dimensions: 67cm x 45cm x 26cm
• Weight: 2.38kg/5.25lbs
• Capacity 75 litres

£37.99 RRP £65

What I like about this luggage is that it is extremely lightweight, in fact they claim it's the world's lightest suitcase. They also say on their website "This product is tested to destruction and despite its light frame is extremely strong and durable". So often light cases look very flimsy and these look sturdy whilst still being lightweight - the perfect lightweight luggage for Winter breaks.

On their website they they a range of other luggage from hold luggage to the roomiest suitcases with super prices from £9.99 as well.

If you are planning a trip to the sun this Winter have a look at their sunglasses and sun cream too. Now to plan my next holiday... fun and sun in Florida perhaps?
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  1. Lightweight is good - it's horrible having to try and drag your suitcase off the conveyor belt and it being too heavy to move! Looks as though they have a good range to choose from, though I have no holidays planned for a while, so it's torture looking through them all! :)


  2. wow great prices and they have some lovely bags, thanks for posting ;-)

  3. Heya I've just nominated you for the Versatile blogger award!! You can read all about it in my latest post! Also just followed you on Bloglovin' too! :) xo

    1. Thank you so much! I will check out your blog. I am glad you like mine :)

  4. Look like great suitcases handy that they are lightweight, my suitcase always breaks.