Storing Winter Clothes: Winterising Your Wardrobe With Care

Ah, winter – the season of cosy sweaters, snug scarves, and fashionable coats. But as the snow melts away and the flowers start to bloom, it's time to bid farewell to our beloved winter wardrobe and make room for spring styles. However, storing winter clothes isn't as simple as tossing them into a box and shoving them under the bed. Proper winterizing ensures your favourite pieces stay fresh and ready for the next chilly season. Let's dive into the art of winter wardrobe storage, shall we?

Assessing Your Winter Wardrobe

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Before we embark on our winterising journey, it's essential to take stock of what we've got. Here's a quick checklist to help you get started:

  • Inspect for Damage - Check each item for any signs of wear and tear, such as loose threads, missing buttons, or stains.
  • Clean Thoroughly - Launder or dry-clean your winter garments to remove any dirt, sweat, or odours accumulated during the season.
  • Sort and Declutter - Weed out items you no longer wear or need. Donate or sell gently used pieces to free up space and declutter your wardrobe.

Choosing the Right Storage Solutions

Now that we've curated our winter wardrobe let's talk about storage solutions. While stuffing everything into a plastic bin might seem like the easiest option, it's not always the best for your clothes' longevity. Consider these alternatives:

  • Clothes Racks - Invest in sturdy double metal clothes racks to hang your winter coats, jackets, and heavy sweaters. Hanging items prevents wrinkles and allows fabrics to breathe, reducing the risk of musty odours.
  • Clear Plastic Bins - Opt for transparent bins to store seasonal items like gloves, hats, and scarves. Clear bins make it easy to see what's inside without rummaging through boxes.
  • Cedar or Lavender Sachets - Add natural moth deterrents like cedar blocks or lavender sachets to your storage containers to protect against pesky critters and keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Proper Folding Techniques

For items that can't be hung, mastering the art of folding is key. Follow these folding techniques to keep your winter clothes in pristine condition:

  • Sweaters - Fold sweaters neatly to prevent stretching or misshaping. Lay them flat, fold sleeves inward, and stack them in a drawer or on a shelf.
  • Scarves - Fold scarves into thirds lengthwise, then into thirds widthwise for compact storage. Alternatively, drape them over a hanger to keep them wrinkle-free.
  • Pants and Jeans - Fold pants and jeans along their natural creases to minimize wrinkles. Store them in a drawer or on a shelf, being mindful not to overcrowd the space.

Protecting Delicate Fabrics

Certain fabrics require extra care to maintain their integrity. Here's how to protect delicate winter garments:

  • Wool - Avoid hanging heavy wool garments, as they can stretch out of shape over time. Instead, fold them and store them in breathable garment bags to protect against moths and dust.
  • Silk - Silk garments should be stored away from direct sunlight to prevent fading. Consider wrapping silk items in acid-free tissue paper to maintain their sheen and lustre.
  • Fur: If you're lucky enough to own fur coats or accessories, proper storage is essential to preserve their luxurious texture. Store fur items in a temperature-controlled environment with ample airflow to prevent moisture buildup.

Location, Location, Location

Where you store your winter clothes can make a big difference in their longevity. Here are a few tips for choosing the right storage location:

  • Cool, Dry Place - Opt for a cool, dry area of your home, such as a spare closet or under-bed storage, to prevent mould and mildew growth.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight - Sunlight can cause fabrics to fade and degrade over time. Keep your storage area away from windows or invest in blackout curtains to block out harmful UV rays.
  • Climate-Controlled Storage - If space allows, consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit for your winter wardrobe. These units maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, ideal for preserving delicate fabrics.

Seasonal Maintenance

Winterizing your wardrobe isn't a one-time task – it requires ongoing care and maintenance to keep your clothes in top condition. Here's how to stay on top of seasonal upkeep:

  • Rotate Clothing - Periodically rotate your stored clothing to prevent creases and ensure even air circulation.
  • Check for Pests - Regularly inspect your storage containers for signs of pests or moisture. If you notice any issues, take immediate action to prevent damage to your clothes.
  • Refresh Fabrics - Before bringing out your winter wardrobe next season, give garments a thorough airing out or a gentle steam to freshen them up.


As the seasons change, so too must our approach to wardrobe maintenance. By following these tips for storing winter clothes, you can ensure your favourite cold-weather garments stay in top condition year after year. From proper folding techniques to choosing the right storage solutions, a little care and attention go a long way in preserving your winter wardrobe. So, bid adieu to those cosy coats and bulky sweaters with confidence, knowing they'll be waiting for you in pristine condition when the cold weather rolls around once again.

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