How To Start Designing Your Living Room

Looking to give your living room a well-deserved revamp? From rethinking your current colour palette to committing to new furniture, there are a lot of things to consider before committing to a home project so it's understandable if you’re not sure where to start.

With the right design prep, you can create an elegant and stylish living room that is the perfect balance of style and lived-in charm. Use these simple steps to start designing your living room renovations.

Colour Palette

Finding the right colour scheme for your living room can seem like a challenge but it's an important decision since it sets the tone for the rest of the space. If you have lots of ideas but you’re not sure which one to run with, think about what you want to convey with your colour scheme and how practical your choices are in terms of lighting and fixtures.

Consider what living room trends are going to stay in style, since you don’t want your space to look dated in a year or two. Don’t limit yourself to just thinking about the colours of your walls, consider how all the colours in the room will work together, from the curtains and carpet to furniture and accents.


There are furniture essentials that every living room needs, including sofas, TV stands and coffee tables. Your sofa and TV are often the main features of the space so consider what type of seating fits the space the best. A corner sofa helps zone seating to one corner of the room while a two-piece set can move around as it suits you.

Neutral furniture is your best bet as you can change styles without having to get brand new pieces. Add pops of colour to your room with cushions and throws, house plants, rugs and wall accents.


Storage is key to keeping your living room tidy and the ambience calm and relaxing. Many different storage options can be styled to meet your vision, from cabinets and dressers to consoles and coffee tables.

Plan both closed and open storage to create a space to display items that look good on show and add to your aesthetic. TVs that can’t be mounted to your walls also need to be considered.


Thinking about your intentions for the space will help you decide what flooring is suited to your living room. If you’re planning on doing a lot of entertaining, your flooring choice should be durable and able to withstand a steady stream of traffic. It should also be easily cleaned and maintained to make life easier for yourself.

For those looking for a cosy lounge that is just reserved for relaxation, a neutral-coloured carpet is a great option. Not only is it warm underneath your feet but it is versatile and can match a variety of design styles.

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