Shower Style: Choosing Between Glass Shower Doors and Shower Curtains

The debate over form and function in bathroom design rages on, with one of the most visually impactful battlegrounds being the choice between a glass shower door and a trusty shower curtain. It's a decision that can significantly alter the look and feel of your bathing sanctuary, but as you stand face-to-face with this choice, which one truly delivers when the steam settles?

Here, I'll dive into the merits of both options, considering everything from their aesthetic synergy with various bathroom styles to the not-so-obvious practicalities that might just splash you in the face during your decision-making process. After all, your morning routine could be just a curtain or hinge away from either idyllic aquatic contemplation or a watery struggle for peace and cleanliness.

Glass Shower Doors - The Optimal Choice?

glass shower door

Glass shower doors exude a sleek, modern elegance that can amplify the light and airiness of any bathroom. They offer an unobstructed view by providing a transparent barrier, allowing for a seamless visual flow that can make even the most compact of bathrooms feel expansive.

But the beauty of glass is more than skin deep; its ease of cleaning and durability make it a perennial favourite for those looking to combine form with function. Let's reflect on the shimmering pros and the occasionally foggy cons of committing to a glass shower door.

The Pros

Venturing further into the appeal of glass shower doors, exploring the advantages that might sway you towards this transparent choice is essential. Style and substance seamlessly merge, offering a bathing experience that satisfies both the eyes and the pragmatics of daily use.

Maximum Light Exposure

Glass doors are champions of illumination; they let natural and artificial light spread unhindered, often creating a vibrant, more inviting space. This feature is particularly beneficial for smaller bathrooms that lack windows, where maximizing light is crucial.

Illusion of More Space

A glass panel provides a barrier without the bulk, contributing to the illusion of a larger, unbroken space. This can be a transformative feature for ensuite or smaller bathrooms, making the confines of the room feel less restrictive.

Modern Aesthetic

The sleek lines of glass shower doors align well with modern design trends, offering a minimalist look that pairs with practically any d├ęcor. They are the go-to for those aiming for a contemporary vibe in their bathroom.

Durable and Long-Lasting

With the proper care, glass doors can endure the test of time, resisting wear and tear better than their fabric counterpart. They are less susceptible to the threats of mould and mildew, maintaining their pristine look for years to come.

Easy to Clean

The flat and impervious surface of glass shower doors simplifies the cleaning process. With fewer crevices and textures than a shower curtain, it's easier to maintain a spotless appearance with minimal effort.

The Cons

Despite the crystal-clear benefits that glass shower doors have to offer, they come with their own set of drawbacks that must be considered. The allure of uninterrupted style and the promise of longevity may be compelling, but practical considerations could cloud your judgment. As we peek behind the sheen, here are some cons worth pondering before making the final decision.

Susceptible to Water Spots

One of the more irritating downsides to glass doors is their propensity to showcase every single water spot. These marks are left behind when water evaporates, leaving mineral deposits that can be tough to remove without regular cleaning.

Costly Investment

Glass shower doors generally lean towards the pricier end of the spectrum. Not only are the initial costs high, but installation and potential repairs can also be more expensive compared to a simple curtain set-up.

Heavier Structure

The weight of glass doors demands sturdy support. This often means additional reinforcement during installation, which can be a hurdle in some bathroom designs or for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Less Privacy

The transparent nature of glass doors may not suit everyone's taste or privacy needs. For those who share a bathroom, an opaque shower curtain may offer a more comfortable sense of seclusion.

Potentially More Dangerous

Glass, even when tempered for safety, can be a hazard if shattered. While such instances are rare, the risk of breakage and injury is a consideration that should not be overlooked.

Shower Curtains -  The More Convenient Solution?

shower curtain

Shower curtains offer a versatile and often budget-friendly alternative to glass doors, bringing a touch of personality and a vast array of design choices to the bathroom. Their ability to be swapped out easily means you can regularly refresh your bathroom's style without a major overhaul.

But is their convenience only limited to aesthetics, or do they hold water regarding functionality? We’ll navigate through the folds of this fabric option, weighing the playful designs against the practical day-to-day aspects that could influence your pick. Ultimately, what hangs in your bathroom might reflect your life’s ever-changing canvas – a statement of personal style or simply a solution for the daily splash.

Shower curtains are not just a backdrop in the bathroom; they serve as a functional and flexible feature in many households. Given their relative affordability and easy installation process, curtains are an alluring option for those seeking a quick and impactful change in their bathroom's ambience. But there is more to curtains than meets the eye. Consider the following points before drawing the curtain on this decision.

The Pros

Before drawing the curtain on this option, let's unveil the reasons why shower curtains still remain a popular choice in many households.


Shower curtains are typically far more affordable than glass doors, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals or rental properties.

User-Friendly Installation

Setting up a shower curtain is a simple endeavour that doesn't require professional assistance. It's an accessible DIY project for most people.

Endless Design Possibilities

The variety of colours, patterns, and materials available in shower curtains can transform the look of a bathroom with minimal effort.

Easy to Replace

The transient nature of shower curtains allows for frequent style changes, making it convenient to update the bathroom's look as often as desired.

Mildew and Mould Resistance

Many modern shower curtains come treated with anti-mildew chemicals to help combat the issue of mould growth in wet bathroom environments.

The Cons

Despite their versatility, shower curtains come with their own set of caveats that might dampen your enthusiasm.
Maintenance and Cleaning

Shower curtains can be magnets for mould and mildew if not properly cared for, requiring regular washing and replacing over time.

Less Durable

Fabric curtains are more vulnerable to wear and tear and might not stand up as well to constant use when compared to sturdier glass doors.

Water Containment

One of the functional downsides is the potential for water to escape onto the bathroom floor, as curtains may not seal as effectively as glass doors.

Lack of Insulation

A thin curtain may not retain heat as well as glass, which could lead to chillier showers on cold mornings.

Environmental Concerns

Some shower curtains, particularly those made from PVC, raise environmental and health concerns due to the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other chemicals.

Final Thoughts

The decision between a shower door or shower curtain depends on a combination of personal preferences, budget, and practical considerations. While glass offers a sleek and modern look, curtains provide more flexibility in design and cost-effectiveness. Weighing the pros and cons of each option can help make an informed decision that suits your needs. Whether you opt for the sophisticated finish of glass or the playful patterns of a curtain, with proper care and maintenance, both options can add functionality and style to your bathroom.

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