What Are The Best Types Of Packaging For A Small Business?

When it comes to running a small business, it can be tough to know what items are the best for you. You might not even be running a small business but are just, in fact, posting out a lot for personal reasons. Do you know what the best types of packaging are for your items?

It is always best to choose packaging from a reputable supplier. All In Packaging offer a variety of options such as plastic jar wholesale or airless pump bottle. They offer smart solutions and custom packaging and you can stock up on their items to ensure you always have some decent packaging to hand.

But what are the best types of packaging for your needs, whatever they may be?

Cardboard Boxes

These are one of the most popular types of packaging, simply because they come in various shapes and sizes, and they are designed to protect whatever it is that you store in them. If you are sending out a lot of items but want to reduce the amount of packaging you are using, then a cardboard box is a decent option. They are also budget friendly too. 

Have you ever noticed that many of the items you buy come in cardboard boxes? This is because they are a sturdy and protective piece of packaging.

Pump Bottles

If you have a product that is suitable for pump bottle dispensers, then these have many advantages. Airless pump bottles help to keep the product’s integrity and look after the formulas of the products you are selling.

These make the perfect packaging for haircare products, skincare products or body care products. If you are selling these items in your small business, this packaging type is perfect for you.

Plastic Jars

plastic jars

Whilst people are tending to avoid plastic in recent years, it still has many benefits when it is used for packaging. It is usually lightweight which means there are cost savings for all involved in the process of distributing, selling and receiving. It is one of the cheapest packaging materials compared to other materials. Using recycled plastic is a good idea for the environment if you can find a supplier 

Plastic also is pretty sturdy and won’t break when dropped like glass. It is important to know the best storage conditions for plastic storage though and usually use it to store items that are suitable for it.

Glass Packaging

Glass packaging is another brilliant option for your products – especially if you are selling skincare or body care products. There are some pros and some cons, of course – glass can break so it is important that you send it carefully and correctly. However, it can also be a great option for the items you are selling. Using recycled glass in your packaging is environmentally friendly too.

These are just a few of the packaging types that you may want to consider for your needs. If you need decent packaging solutions, choose a reputable brand – especially if you are running a business. Customer satisfaction is paramount so you only want the best for your customers!

What packaging do you use most often? Have you found yourself trying new packaging types recently?

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