Physical Activity Hacks

One of the most common reasons we lack motivation or give up on starting physical activity is that we don't have a plan or routine. Let's face it if you don't prioritize physical activity, it will not happen.

Adding physical activity hacks into your life will improve your physical activity and boost your confidence in yourself. 

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Keep reading to learn how to incorporate physical activity hacks to stay motivated in your exercise routine.

Implementing Physical Activity Hacks

As much as we try, we don't always have the energy, time, space, or motivation for long workouts. Especially after the global pandemic and now being in cold weather when going outdoors is not an option.

But movement is essential for the mind and body connection, so it's important to prioritize it. I've rounded up the best physical activity hacks that make exercise possible, fun, and accessible.

Get Creative With Your Workout Space

I think it's important to rethink your idea or concept of exercise before even getting started. Because in reality, you don't need a gym or lots of expensive, fancy equipment to work out!

Instead, create a workout corner in your home or apartment with a simple mat and use everyday objects as weights. For example, use a thick book for bridge lifts, or fill two water bottles to use as hand weights. I am not saying it's not helpful to maybe have a small set of weights, bands, or yoga blocks, but it's not needed.

There are many things you can do with everyday objects or even just your body weight. By creating routines that involve these objects or just body weight, you will be able to do it anywhere. This gives a lot of flexibility in life, especially if you travel or move a lot.

Schedule Physical Activity Into Your Work Day

The majority of us still lead a mainly sedentary lifestyle as we sit at our desks from morning to early evening. However, while this might be required for our job, this doesn't mean we can't find time to work out.

For example, if you have a lot of calls to make, get up and take them outside as you go for a walk. If you have an hour lunch break, try sitting down for lunch for 30 minutes of it but then going to walk the remainder of it. Consider buying a yoga or stability ball to work your core and leg muscles for days that require long hours at the desk. You can also set a timer for 10 minutes every hour to get up and walk around or do a few pushups on the floor!

If you have the budget, you could consider getting a standing work desk or even an elliptical desk.

Maximize Chill Time

Now, I am not saying to relax and enjoy the chill time but instead rethink it. If you are someone that enjoys quality TV time, this can be a great way to incorporate physical activity. First, consider stretching whenever watching TV, as this is a great time to get on the floor and just relax and melt into a pose as you watch your favourite show.

It also can be a way to incorporate strength and cardio bursts. Every time a commercial break comes on, do jumping jacks and pushups, and you can even hold a plank till your show comes on. Commercial breaks can be anywhere from three to seven minutes, so this is a great way to get some movement in and even motivation, as your reward will be getting back on the couch!


I've found that making small habits of incorporating physical activity hacks can help you stay motivated on your fitness goals in the long run. I encourage you to try these tips to see what works best for you.

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