Saving Time This Christmas With Laundry Heap

Christmas is a busy time of year and the pressure on us to have the perfect Christmas can be intense. Many of us rush around to get the presents, the food, the drinks and all the treats, on top of running a household, looking after kids or elderly parents and holding down a job. One of the last things you have on your mind is washing and dry cleaning. Well here is where Laundry Heap can help. This is an advertorial. 

Why use Laundry Heap?

laundry heap

Range of services

Laundry Heap offer a range of laundry services all in one place. This company which was founded in London in 2014 now has offices and provides services around the world including in the USA, UAE and Singapore. All the services that they provide can save you time and effort, which you definitely need at Christmas. For example, they can wash and dry your laundry, bedsheets and towels, iron anything that needs to be ironed, dry clean delicate items as well as custom clean duvets and bulky items like blankets and pillows. Perfect if you have guests staying over. 


Laundry Heap is an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service that's easy to use. You schedule your collection as well as your delivery time so it's convenient for you, fitting in with your work and family commitments. You can book online or use the well-designed app to allocate your slot.  Weekend and evening slots are available. Then just pack your laundry and wait for your driver. Turnaround time can be as quick as 24 hours if that's convenient for you too.


The company takes sustainability seriously. Their cleaning partners use environmentally friendly detergent, some use solar energy and most use a 30-degree wash rather than wasting energy on hot water. Cotton bags are used rather than plastic to deliver your laundry and this encourages people to reuse the bags multiple times. They also use electric vehicles to pick up and deliver laundry to their thousands of customers. They use local partners to wash, clean and dry their items which is better for the environment too.


Affordability is very important in these times and I feel Landry Heap provide a very affordable service. A mixed wash up to 6KG is from £16.95, Ironing is from £1.20 per item and dry cleaning is from £2 per item. Of course, you are also saving money as you are not using energy to wash, dry and iron your items. 

So if you feel you are running around this Christmas with no time to yourself, why not look at the Laundry Heap website and schedule a pick-up for their laundry services? It will save you time and save you stress and we all need that at Christmas.


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