Common Myths of Cremation Debunked

Cremation has become a more popular choice for funerals in recent years. However, there are still many misconceptions about it. This article will debunk some of the most common myths about cremation.

Myth #1 - Cremation is expensive

Cremation can be one of the most cost-effective options for disposing of a loved one’s remains. The average cost of a traditional funeral, including the casket, burial plot, and headstone, can be upwards of $10,000. Cremation, on the other hand, typically costs less than $2,000. Additionally, many funeral homes offer discounts for families who choose cremation over burial. As a result, cremation can be a more affordable option for those on a tight budget.

Myth #2 - Cremation is not as environmentally friendly as burial

Another common myth about cremation is that it is an unnatural process. However, cremation is actually a very natural way of disposing of a body. In fact, it is estimated that over 60% of the world’s population chooses cremation over burial. Moreover, cremation eliminates the need for embalming fluids, which are harmful to the environment. As more people become conscientious of the impact their choices have on the planet, cremation will likely become even more popular.

Myth #3 - You won't be able to have a funeral or memorial service if you choose cremation

One of the most common myths about cremation is that you won't be able to have a funeral or memorial service if you choose this option. This simply isn't true. Cremation doesn't pre-determine how you will honour and remember your loved one. In fact, many families choose to have a traditional funeral service before the cremation process. This allows for friends and family to gather together and say their final goodbyes. Other families opt for a memorial service after the cremation has taken place. No matter what you choose, know that you can still honour your loved one in a meaningful way.

Myth #4 - The ashes will be scattered in a random location

In reality, the ashes are usually given to the family of the deceased or disposed of in a designated area, such as a cemetery or columbarium. There are also many companies that offer cremation services and will often have their own policies regarding the disposition of the ashes.

Myth #5 - You can't keep the ashes in your home

One of the most common myths about cremation is that you can't keep the ashes in your home. However, this is not true. You can actually keep the ashes in an urn or other container and keep them in your home if you wish.

If you are considering cremation for a loved one, it is important to know the facts. With so many myths about cremation floating around, it can be hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. Hopefully, this article has helped clear up some of the confusion surrounding cremation. If you have any further questions or would like to learn more about cremation services Sydney, please feel free to contact them. They offer counselling and guidance every step of the way to ensure that your experience with them is as positive as possible.

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