Our Top 5 Indoor Hen Party Ideas

It’s getting chillier outside, so parading the streets on a hen crawl might not be your idea of a dreamy night. If you’re planning a hen party and you’d like to keep things toasty, keep reading to discover a few of our favourite indoor activities for stag and hen bachelorette parties.

hen party

1. Hire a party house

Fancy a trip away without the winter weather? If you choose to hire a large cottage, a barn conversion or purpose-built group accommodation, you’ll be able to plan your own unforgettable hen weekend.

From catching up on the latest gossip to mixing your own drinks, keeping things private should also add an element of exclusivity to your stay. What’s more, you’ll still relish in the excitement of being away from home - without the pressure to spend time outdoors.

2. Host a hen party games night

Party games are a fantastic way to keep your girls entertained and spend some quality time together. If you choose a theme for the night, planning games around it should be quite straightforward.

But hosting a games night also gives you the freedom to be as classy or as rowdy as you’d like. Some games are more outrageous than others, so you’ll be able to strike the right balance for your bride-to-be.

3. Draw a nude model

If you’re feeling naughty, why not surprise your bride-to-be with a life drawing session from a hunky model? Once you’ve found the perfect venue - whether it be your living room or a private party house - all you’ll need is a seat.

When you book a nude life model, all the art supplies you’ll need will be provided. Simply turn up, open a drink, and start getting creative!

4. Bottomless brunch at home

Heading out to bottomless brunch can be expensive and a little bit messy too. However, if you host one from the comfort of your own home, you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Just find all of your favourite brunch foods and get stocked up. If you can, try to find a helpful friend or relative to take charge with the cooking. That way, you and your girls can enjoy being spoiled - and you won’t need to set foot in the kitchen either.

5. Host a home cocktail making class

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t host your own cocktail-making masterclass. Plus, once you’ve bought the booze, you’ll only need a few classic cocktail recipes and some creativity.

To spice things up a little bit, why not choose a few garnishes too? With the right glassware and attention to detail, you’ll be able to recreate your all-time favourites.

We hope you’re feeling inspired to host an unforgettable indoor hen party and avoid the freezing temperatures outside. If you’ve recently been on an incredible hen night, why not share the stories below?


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