How To Plan A Honeymoon

A honeymoon is a special occasion in the life of a newlywed and, hopefully, you’ll only ever have one. With one chance to get it right, there may be anxiety to make sure it goes smoothly to give you the best start to married life that you could wish for. 


I’ve got tips and pointers for planning the honeymoon of your dreams that you’ll remember forever.

Create a budget

It’s advisable to either incorporate your honeymoon budget into your wedding finances or to put the funds into a separate pot. Either way, you should ensure that you have funds that remain dedicated to the honeymoon so that you can afford the trip when you intend to go. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to delay your honeymoon by a significant amount of time.

Remember to factor in essential additional costs on top of transport and accommodation. For example, you may need to get some vaccinations for safe travel or legal entry into a country.

Set expectations

When thinking about what kind of trip you could go on for your budget, you should be realistic about what is achievable with the amount of money that you’ve set aside.

You may want to go to as many places as you can in a certain amount of time, necessitating cheaper travel in each location. On the other hand, if you’d like to funnel your whole budget into one place, all-inclusive resorts are popular for their luxury offerings.

Pack appropriately

What you’ll need to pack and how much you’ll need to take will obviously depend on your location, length of trip, and time of year. Looking into any cultural expectations from a sartorial standpoint is a good idea, as you wouldn’t want to offend anyone with a wardrobe faux pas. Check the average weather forecast for the date of your trip to make sure you pack for the right conditions.

Likewise, you’re bound to want to feel and look your best on your honeymoon, so it’s a popular custom to get new nightwear for the occasion. Consider taking some red lingerie to help you feel confident and sexy for your new spouse.

Ask for help

If you’re planning a honeymoon with the traditional timing, it’s likely you’ll be leaving shortly after your wedding day.

However, this could mean that you’re obligated to plan your wedding and honeymoon simultaneously. As lovely as these events are, it’s incredibly stressful to deal with the pressure of organising both at the same time.

Your family and friends are there to support you and alleviate as much of the stress as possible. If you’ve reached the point of mental saturation, ask them to help you with booking or the decisions.

Alternatively, you could consult the professional services of a travel agent. Often, this involves communicating the basics of what you want and leaving it to them to sort out all the paperwork.

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