5 Fantastic Home Cleaning Ideas That Will Change Housework Forever

Household chores and cleaning the home are time-consuming jobs that can be difficult to fit around your day-to-day tasks and the demands of your job. Fortunately, these fantastic home cleaning ideas are here to help. 

robot vacuum cleaner

Save yourself time and elbow grease with these top home cleaning solutions.

UV Light Cleaners

This is a high-tech cleaning solution that is ready to revolutionise housework forever. Many cleaning professionals are amazed at their effectiveness and feel that they are going to change housework just like the vacuum cleaner did more than a hundred years ago.

This mobile UVC Light Cleaner from VIOA can cleanse both the air and surfaces of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. You can clean surfaces and the area around them with the touch of a button. This is perfect for homes with small children and will be great in larger settings too like schools and kitchens.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

These have been around for a while now but the humble robotic vacuum cleaner is due an upgrade. Now, thanks to better battery life and improved vacuuming tech, automated vacuums are becoming more practical and efficient.

They can now be remotely programmed from anywhere using apps, and can even interact with other smart devices in the home. Collision avoidance has gotten better too; robot vacuums rarely get stuck behind table legs and under sofas anymore.

Robotic Mops Have Arrived

Setting a robot vacuum cleaner loose in the house is a convenient way to sweep up debris on floors and carpets, but what about tough stains on kitchen and bathroom tiles? Do not worry, robot mops are now hitting the market and coming to a floorspace near you.

The best part about these robot mops is they can reach the tricky places that you struggle to clean. They are small enough to get under cabinets and the oven and deep clean the floors there, leaving you with a better and more comprehensive finish than you could have managed yourself.

Water Softeners Will Save You A Lot Of Work

If your home suffers from limescale build-up around taps, shower heads and screens, watermarks on surfaces and glassware, you're undoubtedly in a hard water area. You've probably spent countless hours scrubbing, scraping and descaling to remove the unsightly crust from your home and it can feel like a losing battle.

The scale and marks left behind are caused by the minerals in hard water as it evaporates, commonly known as limescale. Many people don't realise the cause or that there's a simple solution. To free you of this burden, all you need is a water softener to remove these minerals. A limescale-free home will save you time cleaning and money on costly descaling products.

Robot Window Cleaners

Finding and keeping a regular window cleaner has become a big problem lately. It is a dying art form, with too few young people willing to pick up a ladder and a squeegee. Luckily, just like for vacuuming and mopping, robots are here to help.

Robotic window cleaners use suction power to stick to your windows and clean them thoroughly, inside and out. They do need some help switching between window panes, but that is a small price to pay for outsourcing this job.

These devices are here to help, at last. Switch from an old mop and bucket or dusty vacuum cleaner to one of these innovative ideas and you will save yourself time and have a cleaner home than ever before.

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