How To Look After Your Jewellery

There’s nothing more special than getting a piece of new jewellery. Whether it’s fine or costume jewellery, there’s always some sentimental reason behind each piece that’ll make you want to wear it forever - and keep it looking as good as when it first landed in your lap. Here are some quick tips for how to look after your jewellery and prevent it from scratches, tarnishes, and dullness:

Store your jewellery correctly

Avoid misplacing your jewellery by creating a dedicated space to store them. For smaller pieces like rings and delicate bracelets, jewellery boxes make the perfect storage unit. While necklace stands or rests are great for heavier pieces. It’s also advisable to store your jewellery at room temperature and somewhere with low humidity and to store diamond necklaces separately as diamonds can scratch other diamonds and gemstones.

Regularly clean your jewellery

The best way to keep your jewellery looking as good as when you first got it is to regularly clean it. It’s recommended that you clean your jewellery (especially rings) at least once a month. Since different pieces require different cleaning processes, polish your gold jewellery with a soft cloth, and use a silver cleaning cloth for any two-tone jewellery. Most importantly, never use any household chemicals as these can be abrasive and damage your pieces.

Take care where you wear your jewellery

It might be tempting to wear your jewellery everywhere you go, but avoiding putting it on in certain circumstances will massively elongate its lifespan. Never go swimming or to a spa with jewellery, especially in the case of chlorinated water! Since titanium is the only metal that can withstand chlorine, it’s best practice to just always remove your jewellery before taking a dip. You should also take off your jewellery before showering, as even plain water can cause gemstones to come loose and metal to lose its lustre!

Keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight

Did you know prolonged exposure to light and heat can impact the colour and durability of many gemstones? That’s why it’s essential to protect your jewellery by storing it out of direct sunlight. When you’re not wearing it, be sure to store your favourite pieces in a cool, dark place completely out of the way of the sun.

Utilise professionals from time to time

While looking after your jewellery yourself is always a sure-fire way to keep it looking good, sometimes it's also beneficial to let a professional take a look as well. Not only can they fix common problems like inspecting knots, checking prongs and replacing too-small hook and clasp pieces, but they can also give you more advice on how to take better care of your pieces that you can then use at home.

With these quick and easy tips for keeping jewellery pieces looking as good as new, you can continue wearing your favourite jewels and gems for many years to come.

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