A Guide To Picking The Right Necklace

Many of us chose the perfect outfit but discover that none of our jewellery seems to go with it. Perhaps you own a variety of necklace designs but are unsure which goes best with a given outfit. Choosing the right necklace for a specific outfit or neckline can be a challenge.

You must consider the shape of the exact neckline when selecting jewellery. Some necklaces don't go well with certain necklines. When selecting a necklace, keep the pendant in mind. The shape of the pendant can make or break your outfit. The necklace's length and width can also highlight a particular point.

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Choosing the perfect necklace for your outfit's neckline can be tricky but if you stick to a few rules, you can look smart and elegant and emerge as the party's most beautiful guest. Here are some tips to help you match your necklace with the most flattering neckline to enhance your appearance. This guide offers my top suggestions for matching your neckline and necklaces.


Decide on shorter pendants. They'll maintain the focus on your collarbone and your outfit's neckline. Your neck may also look better with shorter pendants.  Layering necklaces can make a strong fashion statement w
hen worn with a strapless top or dress. Layering necklaces might include a variety of pendants, with beads, charms, or other accessories. Changing the colour of the chains is another option if you're wearing several pendants.

Put on a princess necklace like a plumeria necklace. This will keep people looking at your shoulders. Given the gap between your neck and the top you're wearing, this is an excellent time to display your jewellery if you want to wear a strapless top right now. You can add a medium Belcher chain to your outfit to keep it looking stylish and new.

Pearl chokers and diamond chokers can stand out when worn with strapless dresses. Another choice is necklaces with a focal design to maintain the grace and elegance of a strapless dress or top.

With a round collar blouse

With a choker, you can style your round-neck blouse. Depending on the design it may be made of diamond, pearl, or gold, and you'll be sure to make an impression with how you look.

Multiple necklaces can look good, but choose ones with varied finishes and lengths. Or necklaces with large statement pieces if you want a bold look.


With your V-necked dress or top, you could wear a triangular V-shaped necklace that stops just above the neckline. Additionally, this draws emphasis to your d├ęcolletage.

Unquestionably, shirts or blouses with a V-shaped neckline give an elegant look. They are a flattering cut for most people and they help lengthen shorter necks.

Large-sized necklaces will often be too bold and make you forget the V cut's subtlety and elegance but sometimes it's fun to wear a bold necklace.

A halterneck

Big extravagant necklaces do not fit well with this style on the neck. Wear smaller necklaces with delicate finishes with this kind of clothing.

Another alternative would be necklaces with accents, such as stones in the centre, which are neither too dazzling nor large with embellishments to appear graceful.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Wear a necklace with its own asymmetry. You can wear any sized pendant as long it is in proportion to your neckline. The asymmetrical appearance is enhanced with necklaces that feature beads of various shapes. Wear a choker if you want to be on the safe side.

Turtleneck or polo

Turtlenecks shouldn't be worn with chokers as the jewellery will be hidden beneath. Necklaces of medium to long length go well with turtlenecks. Turtlenecks work particularly well with opera chains and can distract from your neck's prominence. You are welcome to select a statement piece pendant that is large.

Avoid leaving too much gap between your neckline and neck to draw attention to your necklaces when wearing high-neck polo shirts, just like with halter tops. A straightforward gold or silver chain is an unfussy look that is classic and never goes out of fashion.

Another alternative is to wear a turtleneck or polo next with a long necklace which can be a flattering look and can add to the glamour of the outfit.


I hope this guide has helped you match your clothes to your necklaces and pendants. Choosing the right necklace to wear can be challenging when every garment has a unique neckline. I hope this has been an informative and helpful guide on picking the appropriate necklaces for your outfits.

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