How Hiring An Accountant Can Save You Money

Hiring an accountant may seem like an extravagance but hiring an accountant may be the best thing you could do if you are in business. Accountants compile your financial records, prepare them for the tax office and can help you save money, so the cost of hiring an accountant can balance out. 

Let's have a look at how hiring an accountant can save you money practically.

1. Accountants are specialists

Accountants are specialists in their area. They know all the intricacies of tax, they know what IR35 means, whether you are a limited company, partnership, or sole trader.  You may think that doing your tax records yourself may save you money but it may cost you money if you get your tax wrong. So an accountant can prevent you from getting fined by the tax office and file your records in a timely manner. I would say it's always worth hiring an accountant but especially so if you are a new business, the turnover is large or your accounts are complicated.

2. They can offer you advice

Accountants are great at offering you advice. They know what tax breaks you can have, what you can put down as legitimate expenses, and some of these you may not be aware of. They can explain how having a company car works, how much of your phone bill you can book down to the business and what tools of the trade means. All ways in which they can save you money,

3. They free up your valuable time

If you don't know what you are doing with your tax records then it can take a long time to prepare your records and it can take a lot of knowledge. Freeing up time you can spend on other valuable things like marketing and selling. Utilising the services of experienced Accountants Penrith (or elsewhere more relevant) frees up your valuable time so you can work on other aspects of the business. Time is also money as they say. An accountant can do your tax records in a fraction of the time it would take you.

4. They can help you grow your business and make money

Accountants can analyse your books, and see what is selling well for you and what is not. They can also look at your profit margins and help you adjust them. They can also help you look at gaps in the local and national markets and look at how and where you can expand.  By doing this you can grow your business. 

5. They can advise you on loans and other types of funding

Accountants can advise you on start-up loans, government loans, private loans, grants and other types of funding available. They can advise on the best rates of interest thus saving you money. They can help you organise and prepare a business plan you can take to loan providers, which is especially useful for a start-up or when expanding your business. 

So these are some ways in which hiring an accountant can save you money. So if you are in business it's a business expense that is definitely worth it!

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