Top Tips For Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Summer is officially over and the transition into the colder months has arrived in the form of coloured leaves and frosty mornings. However, it is not only us that need to prepare for the cold weather but the spaces around us including our gardens. The harsh weather conditions mean plants won’t grow as easily so it is time to say goodbye to the outdoor fun until the upcoming Spring. Autumn is the perfect time to get rid of old plants, tidy up borders and clear out gutters. Acquiring new materials for the garden such as this garden storage in London will be perfect for packing away valuables to protect them over the colder months. Here are my top tips on getting your garden ready for Winter.

Tidy up the borders of the garden. To ensure your spring bulbs come through, dig up the soil and plant your bulbs in time. Once they are tidy, spread some bark over the areas to keep them neat over the winter.

Neaten up the lawn. Remove any moss and build-up and follow with a lawn feed to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead. Give your lawn a good trim as well. If you are wanting to expand on the grass space in your garden, this is the best time to lay fresh turf down.

Plant evergreens. Warm soil and cool temperatures make this the perfect time to plant fillers in your flower beds. They will also add a spot of colour throughout the dull and dreary months.

Maintain your garden equipment. Before storing away all your electricals and garden furniture, it is worth giving them a good clean or service to ensure they are ready for use the following year. Spades and forks can do with a good wash and hose pipes can be put away to give the garden a lovely neat aesthetic for the coming Winter.

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