Three Popular Bathroom Design Ideas

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are many aspects to consider, including budget, space, style and storage to name a few. But spending on improving functional rooms is always a worthwhile investment, for ease of use and to improve the value of your home so you could consider taking out an online loan if you’re needing support in financing a new bathroom. Of course, you should always be sure you can meet the repayments and look at the APR. 

With all the great options available in the market, choosing the right materials and themes might not be an easy task, but it helps to look at some of the most desirable options.


Below are three elegant and convenient bathroom design ideas to inspire your decision.


Besides bringing a hefty amount of drama, black and white bathrooms never go out of style. From classic checkers to calming zen themes, the versatility of this combination allows for many design options, making it great for functional spaces with strong angles.

If you’re looking for a modern twist, opt for geometric tiles or something a bit more playful, like polka dots or floral patterns. Embellish the space with colourful accessories, such as yellow towels, red soap dispensers or a royal blue shower mat.

Not a fan of stark tones but still want a monochrome design? The different variations of grey and charcoal provide a softer feel and classic elegance. Whatever you choose, always remember to make sure the lighter tones dominate.

Modern Vintage

Warm bathroom designs like modern vintage provide a place to unwind after a long day at work. Country chic, elegant pastels and shabby details, modern vintage themes blend contemporary clean lines with elaborate themes.

Add your favourite retro pieces, such as a brass mirror or a printed shower curtain, for a personalized touch and opt for metro tiles with bright contrasting colours to make a bold statement. Combine avocado green or dusty rose elements with white walls, mats and curtains for an uplifting atmosphere.

This design works even if you’re planning a simple upgrade. Opt for oversize floral wallpaper in muted colours, fabric lampshades, vintage mirrors, Oriental rugs and brass plumbing fixtures and, voila!


Not only does concrete provide raw and ultra-modern industrial interior d├ęcor options, but it’s also resistant to moisture penetration, making it great for bathrooms. This naturally permeable material is known for its capacity for handling rough environmental perils.

Those keen on minimalistic, stylish interior design aesthetic can have their pick of concrete bathroom ideas to create the right bathroom to fit their lifestyle. You can keep it simple by covering the entire space in readymix concrete, or resort to brickwork to add warmth. If you’re looking to soften the ambience, combine concrete walls with wood panel flooring.

Transforming your bathroom is a huge step that requires planning and consultation, but first and foremost, what really matters is finding a theme that meets your needs and complements your home design.

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