3 Ways To Use Plasterboard For Creative Designers

Plasterboard has been a revolutionary invention for house construction, as it can easily be used to make new walls at a low cost. The handy material isn’t just useful for this purpose, though, and it can serve many different functions. Indeed, if you get creative, there are loads of ways to use plasterboard.

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If you’re interested in adding some depth and style to your walls, or you feel like installing a cheap and stunning storage area, plasterboard is the way to go.

No Need for Expert Help with Plasterboard

If you want to spruce up your home with some new plasterboard ideas, you could opt to call in some extra help if you’re worried about making mistakes. However, plasterboard is generally easy to work with, and most people can get to grips with it after watching a few YouTube videos or reading some guides.


The most important thing to know when using plasterboard is which adhesive to apply. Glue is the perfect choice for plasterboard as it makes putting it up faster. When you place it on a wall in this way, it’s not only faster but there is little mess as well. All you need to do is measure your workspace carefully, cut the plasterboard accurately, and assess the type of wall you’re applying it to. If it’s a stud wall, you’ll need to put glue on the studs. For a concrete wall, you can apply the adhesive to the rear of the panel.

Install Unique Dividers in Larger Rooms

Plasterboard has traditionally been used to create rooms out of larger spaces in a house build. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Instead of turning a big area into two small rooms, how about putting simple dividers in the room to create a unique setting?

For example, you could install a plasterboard divider in the centre of the room but cut it off so it doesn’t cover the whole width. There could be large spaces to walk past on either side. You could then install shelving or a television on one side and have a wardrobe on the other. This idea would work well in a bedroom, and it’s something that’s often seen in hotels.

Add to the Depth and Style of Walls and Ceilings

Having simple straight and flat walls and ceilings is soon to be a thing of the past in interior design, and builders are often adding plasterboard features to add depth and style to rooms. Plasterboard can be used to make crisp lines along the walls. Box designs are also popular, with certain areas sticking out from the rest.

One cool thing about plasterboard is that you don’t need to cut straight lines, so you can go for a curvy interior instead if that suits your needs. This can be used for wall designs, along with fancy dividers in the rooms.

Create Storage Space Using Plasterboard

Instead of buying movable furniture in the house, you can use plasterboard to create built-in storage space. This could range from a walk-in wardrobe to shoe cupboards. By designing your storage areas with this material, you can make them seamlessly fit with the design and colour scheme of the house. If you end up disliking the storage spaces later on, it’s not difficult to tear them down and try something new.

Plasterboard is a cheap and effective way to add some stunning elements to your home’s interior design. If you haven’t considered using the material for these purposes before, you may want to look into it.

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