Helping Your Child Manage Exam Stress

Exams are one of the first times a child will go through heavy amounts of stress due to the impact they could have on their future. This means that their mood can change and they will be spending a lot more time alone and studying. As parents, it is important to support your child in any way possible to help reduce their stress levels. Making sure they have a good working space, getting enough sleep and eating well are ways to support your child through this difficult time. Here is some advice from an independent school in Taunton on helping your child manage exam stress.

Prepare their workspace. In order to manage a heavy workload well, it is important for your child to have a quiet, well-lit space that will motivate them to work hard. Studying requires a lot of focus so you want to supply them with all the tools and stationery that they may need to avoid wasting valuable time. Ensure the area is of a comfortable temperature as well.

Create a plan for their revision. Sit down together and map down all the work they need to get done before their exams arrive. Spreading them out over time means your child will spend an ample amount of time working towards their goals and not risk cramming at the last minute.

A healthy diet. High-stress levels usually mean steering toward food that provides comfort such as fast food and sugary drinks and desserts. These will end up leading to your child feeling lethargic and having low energy and concentration levels in both class and at home. Prepare healthy and filling meals so they are providing their body and mind with the nutrients needed.

A healthy sleeping pattern is something everyone needs. Students require regular amounts of sleep per night to ensure they are energised the next day and ready to study. Encourage your child to stay off devices through the night and avoid late-night study sessions as sleep will provide better benefits to them.

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