Activities To Strengthen Your Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Children develop their fine motor skills at different rates and stages in their lives. But when children struggle to develop these skills, they can have trouble with simple tasks such as grasping and writing with a pencil or using tools such as scissors. They can even have difficulty when it comes to using a set of keys or tying their shoelaces. If you have noticed your child is struggling with their fine motor skills, you have come to the right place. Here is some advice from a girl's independent school in Surrey on activities that strengthen your child's fine motor skills.

Allow them to play with play dough. It is a fun aspect of a person's childhood but is more useful than entertainment for children. Young ones can improve their fine motor skills by squeezing, stretching, pinching and rolling the play dough out. You can even allow your child to use cutters and scissors to strengthen their skills further.

Painting is a great way to get children to make use of their fine motor skills. Painting encourages children to focus on hand-eye coordination. Finger painting is also great as it allows children to get messy and use their hands to make their creations. Using a paintbrush helps them learn how to hold the brush correctly to gain control whilst using it.

Water play. Every child loves to play with water so it is a great time to use this to their advantage when it comes to developing and strengthening their fine motor skills. Fill a cup of water halfway and give your child instructions on what to do with it. Allow them to pour water from one cup to another and use a dropper or syringe to draw water out and transfer it to another cup. To make this more interesting, you can colour the water for a fun mixing experiment.

Once your child has worked their way through these activities, you’ll notice a drastic improvement in their fine motor skills.

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